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于 2015年2月27日
The author narrates here 24 hours in the life of a white collar. From one morning to the next. The story in itself is very basic, but not without humour.

What is really interesting about this book is not the story itself, but how it is told. Not a single word, only pictures. It brings us back to the roots of writting.

I am not surprised that it is a Chinese who wrote this book. After all, it is exactly like this that the Chinese written language started, with pictures representing ideas. These pictures than got more and more complex, representing more and more complex ideas, in order to give Chinese as we know it. Therefore I am wondering what level of complexity and abstraction we can reach, but at the same time keeping the language understandable by all, even those who never studied it? What pictures are understandable by all? What ideas are really universal?
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于 2017年4月20日
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于 2016年6月14日
这本书真棒 也是另一思维来读一本书 interesting
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于 2013年10月29日
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于 2015年2月11日
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于 2016年3月23日
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于 2012年6月13日
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于 2014年1月15日
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于 2016年6月1日
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于 2012年6月24日
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