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于 2014年3月17日
Sheryl Sanberg, prior to working for Facebook as the COO, she managed online products sales for Google, after two marriages ended in failure, she is living with her partner Dave and two kids in north California.She donated the income of the book LEANIN to help females to overcome those stereotype threats produced by this traditional society to gain more power, then someday we can sit at the table or stand on the stage to speak up for our femininity. Yes, we should go through the barries and tell us we can do al what masculinity can do. This is never related to gender, this should be demonstrated by capability.
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于 2016年8月25日
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于 2013年11月14日
Sheryl Sandberg的书值得中国的女性看一看,以开放的眼光,面向世界,看别的国家的女性是如何看待职场和看待家庭的,尤其是这些具有先进思想(我个人认为是具有先进思想)的优秀女性的想法。内容不太多,但是可以看一看和去借鉴。
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于 2017年5月31日
内容不多,一共11章,还有附录,词汇也比较常见,阅读过程不会跟痛苦啦, 其实感觉还可以提高阅读速度。内容很激励,作者讲述了很多真人实例,从中可以职场女性的境遇,也能增加自身的意识,这一点很关键,很多时候我们会不自知的产生对职场女性的偏见,有意识地调整我们的态度和行为方式很重要。对于我这个初入职场的菜鸟,这本书可以说是很激励也很理性地分析了女性的处境吧。sit at the table and speak out your feelings!
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于 2017年4月6日
I would like to give it a 4 stars given to a bad condition of the book when I get this book, but I change my mind. Sheryl wrote this book in plain sentences, which makes readers easy to approach her ideas. Every Chapter demonstrates one major topic, and she uses her easy-to-understand words to make her points clear.
I feel confused during the reading period, I hope she will enlighten me on my professional life, to fulfill what I expect myself to acheive. Be confidence, if NOT, FAKE IT. Stop thinking I am not less incapable than others, than men. Work step by step.

FYI, the condition of the book is really really bad. please check before send out, make sure every books from Amazon is worth to own both in books' qualities and diversities.( I know this book is not Amazon's self operated products, but Amazon still have duties to make customers satisfied with your services)
于 2017年4月11日
于 2017年6月6日
于 2014年3月17日
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于 2014年1月14日
书的装订也很特别,deckle edge 翻起来更容易。红色的硬壳很漂亮~值得收藏!
于 2017年6月22日