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于 2016年11月28日
a very helpful book for everyone . After reading, I have a new acknowledgement with myself. And with the awareness of the two different metal functional systems, you would be more rational. It really helps a lot whenever you face choices.
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于 2017年2月15日
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于 2016年12月15日
with deep thinking ieads, always bring up new points to view things we took for grant, and make reader keep dig deeper inside; much more than expected and hope can help for you.
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于 2016年11月24日
我们的脑子都偏好什么样的思考模式?最早是从loss aversion这个词找到这本书的。内容丰富有厚度,我觉得是不能快快读下来的,毕竟自己心理学知识水平不够,争取好好读完。
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于 2017年11月5日
An alternative book title should be 'An ultimate collection of human recognitive fallacies'. The 'two systems' theory really rocks, and there are much more. This book will totally change your way of thinking and observing and help you a lot, whatever you are pursuing.
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于 2018年4月25日
Many good concepts and very well written, depending however on your life experience and age, some concepts may be quite apparent, Still worth a read
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于 2018年2月22日
Thinking fast and slow tell me two thinking system,system 1 and system 2.system 1 is fast but not accurate while system 2 is slow but mature
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于 2016年12月25日
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于 2016年6月16日
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于 2015年12月23日
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