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  1. Select Item

    The following items can be shipped to almost all destinations outside of China: books, music products, movies and television programs, software, education audio/video products, games and other entertainment products(Fire tablets, Kindle E-readers & E-books are not inclusive).

  2. Add the items to your Shopping Cart

    1). Add the items to your Shopping Cart

    Choose the product you want and click "Add to Shopping Cart" button on product detail page.

    2).Browse your shopping cart

    When the item is placed in the shopping cart, the Shopping Cart page will automatically appear. Or you can click the shopping cart on the upper right of the page to browse the contents of the shopping cart.

    3).Using the Shopping Cart

    Click the shopping cart on the upper right of the page to view/modify the contents of your shopping cart in the following ways:

    ① Change the quantity of an item in your Shopping Cart

    Change the number in the quantity box and click the Update button at the bottom of the cart. Please note that not all items for sale from Amazon can be purchased in multiple quantities.

    ② Remove an item from your Shopping Cart

    Click the Delete button that appears to the left of any item in your cart.

    ③ Move the item to "Save For Later"

    If you do not want to order the item for the time being, you can click the button of "Save For Later" on the left of the item in the shopping cart. This will move the title below the cart, to a list of saved items that you may buy in the future.

    Tips: If you logged on to "Your Account", the items which you have placed in your shopping cart and for which you did not submit an order will remain forever; if you did not log on to "Your Account", the items which you have placed in your shopping cart and for which you did not submit an order will remain for 90 days. Items in your Shopping Cart will always reflect the most recent price/availability displayed on the item's product detail page. Please note that this price may differ from the price the item held when you first placed it in your cart.

  3. Enter the Checkout Center

    When you confirm that nothing is wrong with all the items you have selected, you can click the button of "Enter the checkout center." You will be taken to the first page of the order form.

  4. Sign in

    If you are an existing customer, you can directly enter the user name and password to log on.

    If you are a new customer:

    (1) Enter your Email Address and indicate that you are a new customer. (Do not fill in the password field; you will be asked to provide a password for your account later in the process.) Click the "Sign in" button.

    (2) Enter your name, e-mail address, password, and click "Create Account."

    (3) The new user registration is successful.

    注意: For ease of ordering, your e-mail address will be required to be the registered user name on Amazon from July 18, 2006. Previously registered users can still use old login ID to access "Your Account" and change the registered user name to their email address. Changing user name to email address is permanent and cannot be changed back.

  5. Enter a Shipping Address

    When you enter information of receipts after placing order, enter or choose different shipping address and appropriate method of delivery and splitting. Note: Only one method can be chosen to pay, and all items sent to one shipping address will be packaged to be one order.

    Please select "International Address" and the destination country. For overseas shipping(i.e. shipping to destinations outside China Mainland), please make sure that the specific recipient's name and shipping address MUST be filled in English, as well as the right contact phone number & E-mail address provided, so that you can receive the items timely.

    The entire shipping address is limited to no more than 60 English characters input (including space). If exceeded, the address information will not be printed out completely, probably causing items undeliverable. It's advisable to input the long address divided equally in two to three given rows. If there is no post code or you don't know it, please fill in "0" at the post code section.

    注意: If your recipient's address is in USA, please make sure that you fill in the acronym of the "State" when you fill in the field of "State". If your recipient's address is in Canada, please make sure that you fill in the acronym of the "Province" when you fill in the field of "Province".

    【USA State Abbreviations ( 美国各州缩写对照表 )】

    US State, Possession or Territory US Postal Service Abbreviation
    Alaska AK
    Alabama AL
    Arkansas AR
    American Samoa AS
    Arizona AZ
    California CA
    Colorado CO
    Connecticut CT
    District of Columbia DC
    Delaware DE
    Florida FL
    Federated States of Micronesia FM
    Georgia GA
    Guam GU
    Hawaii HI
    Iowa IA
    Idaho ID
    Illinois IL
    Indiana IN
    Kansas KS
    Kentucky KY
    Louisiana LA
    Massachusetts MA
    Maine ME
    Maryland MD
    Marshall Islands MH
    Michigan MI
    Minnesota MN
    Missouri MO
    Northern Mariana Islands MP
    Mississippi MS
    Montana MT
    North Carolina NC
    North Dakota ND
    Nebraska NE
    New Hampshire NH
    New Jersey NJ
    New Mexico NM
    Nevada NV
    New York NY
    Ohio OH
    Oklahoma OK
    Oregon OR
    Pennsylvania PA
    Puerto Rico PR
    Palau PW
    Rhode Island RI
    South Carolina SC
    South Dakota SD
    Tennessee TN
    Texas TX
    Utah UT
    Virgin Islands VI
    Vermont VT
    Virginia VA
    Washington WA
    Wisconsin WI
    West Virginia WV
    Wyoming WY

    【US Military "State Abbreviations"(美国军方使用缩写对照表 )】

    Military State Abbreviation
    Armed Forces Americas (except Canada) AA
    Armed Forces Africa AE
    Armed Forces Canada AE
    Armed Forces Europe AE
    Armed Forces Middle East AE
    Armed Forces Pacific AP

    【Provinces of Canada (加拿大各省缩写对照表 )】

    Province Abbreviation
    Alberta AB
    British Columbia BC
    Manitoba MB
    New Brunswick NB
    Newfoundland and Labrador NL
    Northwest Territories NT
    Nova Scotia NS
    Nunavut NU
    Ontario ON
    Prince Edward Island PE
    Québec QC
    Saskatchewan SK
    Yukon YT

  6. Choose a shipping method

    The shipping methods such as DHL (overseas standard service) and UPS (overseas airmail express) are available.

  7. Choose a payment method

    Those who use International Credit Card to pay for order, please make a choice from "Credit Card (International)".

    Those who use Domestic Credit Card to pay for order, please make a choice from "Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC)", "China Merchants Bank", "Credit Card (Domestic)", "Postal Remittance", and "Bank Telegraph Transfer (B.T.T.)".

  8. Place your order

    Click the "Place Your Order" button to submit your order after steps above. Once you place your order, it means that you have read and accepted Amazon's "Conditions of use", and we will send you a confirming E-mail. Until we send you another E-mail at the time of shipment, your order is accepted and the order contract is established. If you have several items in one order and received conforming E-mail of shipment for some items, the order contract will be established until we send you conforming E-mail of shipment for the others.

注意: Issue an invoice: You can choose "Issue an invoice" on the order confirmation page. You can fill in the name of the payee, and select the contents of the invoice from the drop-down menu.




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