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Brother P-Touch PTD220 家庭/办公室日常标签机 | 在 TZe 标签胶带上打印,*大可达 1.27 厘米
Brother P-Touch PTD220 Home / Office Everyday Label Maker | Prints on TZe Label Tapes up to ~1/2 inch

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  • 非常适合小型办公室、家庭办公室和家庭组织 – 一个紧凑的解决方案,保持家庭和工作空间整洁。
  • 打印在 BROTHER GENUINE TZe 标签胶带上 – 高达 1/2 英寸 (12mm)。 耐用且适合多种应用,具有多种饰面和颜色。
  • 每个标签上*多可写两行文字 – 有 14 种不同的字体、11 种字体样式、99 个设计师框架和 600 多个符号
  • 使用便利的 QWERTY 键盘和 25 个预加载模板,方便快速轻松地创建和打印
    • IDEAL FOR SMALL OFFICE, HOME OFFICE, AND HOME ORGANIZATION – a compact solution to keep home and workspaces tidy.
    • PRINTS ON BROTHER GENUINE TZe LABEL TAPES – up to ~1/2 inch (12mm). Durable and ideal for a variety of applications in multiple finishes and colors
    • FITS UP TO TWO LINES OF TEXT ON EACH LABEL – with 14 different fonts, 11 font styles, 99 designer frames, and over 600 symbols
    • CREATE AND PRINT QUICKLY AND EASILY– using the handy QWERTY keyboard, and 25 preloaded templates for home and office organization.


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混乱? 认识组织。 Brother P-touch PT-D220 家庭/办公室日常标签机功能多样、易于使用,是清除任何家庭或办公室区域杂乱的高效方式。 使用 Brother P-touch 标签机可以整理什么? 几乎任何东西! 这款便携式标签机采用 QWERTY 键盘和一键式格式键,让您成为组织的英雄。 通过识别您的文件、分类书桌内容、整理橱柜和书架,打造完美状态,轻松恢复家庭办公室的订单。 制作标签几乎是万无一失的! 通过 15 个字符显示屏幕打印前预览。 有想重复打印的最喜欢的标签吗? 没问题! 您可以存储多达 30 种常用的标签布局,以便快速重印。 从 14 种不同的字体、11 种字体样式、99 种框架和 600 多种符号中选择来展示您的独特风格。 适用于 Brother Genuine TZe 标签胶带。 提供各种选择,包括层压胶带、防水胶带、闪光优质胶带、适用于不平整表面的超强粘合剂、防篡改安全胶带等。 掌握您的组织待办事项列表再简单或更令人满意。 想要在电脑上设计和打印标签,并在 3/4 英寸(18 毫米)的标签胶带上打印? 查看 Brother P-touch 家庭/办公室高级连接标签机 PT-D410。




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美国亚马逊: 4.0 颗星,最多 5 颗星 4,216 条评论
Mandy S.
1.0 颗星,最多 5 颗星 Do not buy this label maker. Brother is intentionally trying to screw you.
2018年9月20日 - 已在美国亚马逊上发表
Mandy S.
1.0 颗星,最多 5 颗星 Do not buy this label maker. Brother is intentionally trying to screw you.
评论于 2018年9月20日 在美国 🇺🇸 发布
Whoever's responsible for the anti-consumer design practices should be locked in a dark closet for the rest of his life with just enough Lego bricks that he'll never not step on one.

Here's a short list of just a few of the examples of how Brother hates you:

1) This device comes with absolutely nothing except a tiny spool of "sample" label. No batteries, no adapter, no anything.

2) If you're printing a label with a single word, expect to use about three times as much label as you'd use with a label maker that didn't hate you. This thing has a FULL INCH of margin on both sides by default. The lowest margin setting, "narrow," brings the right side margin down to about 1/5th of an inch, but the left side margin will never be less than an entire inch. At the lower margin settings the thing will print dots on the label to show you where to manually cut the label to match the opposite margin. Not only is Brother deliberately designing the product to make you waste probably more than half of your label roll on scrap, these unapologetic jerks make you put in effort and actively participate in getting screwed over.

3) This thing takes SIX AAA batteries. You might ask why it'd need so many, and the answer to that is that Brother wants you to get tired of constantly recharging more batteries than your charger will hold, or buying a ton of disposable AAAs. They really want you to buy the AC adapter that for some reason doesn't come with the product, even though 9 VDC adapters cost less than a dollar each in bulk. You might think "oh, that won't be a problem for me, I'm not going to use it all the time," but Brother has you covered there as well. This thing will drain the batteries in less than a month from just sitting on the shelf. There's no physical off button short of removing the batteries, and the label maker has seemingly been deliberately designed to have an enormous power draw in the "off" mode.

4) The AC adapter is the single most hostile thing I've seen from a consumer electronics product in as long as I can remember. The input is 9 VDC. Sort of unusual, small electronics tend to be either 5 VDC or 12 VDC, but 9 VDC makes sense if your objective is to plow through six 1.5 volt AAA batteries at a time. There are some of you like me who'll think that's no big deal, you'll just reach into your drawer full of random adapters and rummage around until you find something with the number 9 on it, but THEY'RE STILL NOT DONE. The adapter is tip negative. They reversed the polarity.


Unless you for whatever reason own other Brother products, chances are that you've never owned or even seen a tip negative adapter. In a normal universe with a normal vendor that isn't evil and doesn't despise you on a deep and personal level, the connector on your AC adapter is tip positive. Tip positive means that the positive voltage is on the inside of the barrel at the end of the connector. This is a good thing, because you don't really want exposed positive conductors. Brother did the opposite of the good thing. They made it so that the outside of the barrel at the end of the connector is the positive. That round metal surface on the outside of the connector on the Brother adapter is positive voltage, so when you unplug the label maker to take it somewhere and leave the adapter behind, you have live voltage just flailing about coming into contact with whatever's on your desk.

The ONLY reason to do this is so they KNOW you won't have an adapter, because NOBODY ANYWHERE WOULD EVER SHIP SOMETHING THAT DUMB, except of course for Brother, and so you'll have to go to them to buy it. The product name for the adapter is AD-24ES. Throw that in the Amazon search bar and go take a look, then come back here.

Yep. That's the adapter that costs less than a dollar to make, selling for TWENTY-TWO DOLLARS. I don't think you'd be able to find a more expensive 9 VDC adapter on Amazon. Or the rest of the Internet, for that matter.

Remember what I said about deliberately draining your batteries to force you into paying the 2,000% markup for their obscene junk? Look at these reviews:

"good product will work on brother model PT- D200 save me alot of AAA battery, 6 battery each time will drain the battery quick. This adapter must have. AAA battery $$ more than you spend on this."

"I've had an older model labeler for years, requires 6 AAs. I had some rechargeable alkalines that worked great in it but they eventually went bad, NiMHs seem to not last very long. Finally saw this and ordered right away. No more battery problems"

"I am a labeling fanatic and thus go through A LOT of tape and A LOT of batteries. Even using rechargeable batteries in my two P-Touch printers was costing me a fortune, so I purchased this AC adapter."

That all sounds so similar, almost as if someone had deliberately crippled the product to make people buy an AC adapter that should have been included with the product, but is instead selling as an accessory for the same price or more than most people paid for the label maker itself. Those were just the first three reviews. They had all given the product five stars. Don't be these guys. Please.

This product is going right back to Amazon. Save yourselves the effort of having to do the same, and go buy a different label maker.

I hate you, Brother.
8,171 个人发现此评论有用
SaRee Voth
5.0 颗星,最多 5 颗星 Great Product!
2018年1月22日 - 已在美国亚马逊上发表
SaRee Voth
5.0 颗星,最多 5 颗星 Great Product!
评论于 2018年1月22日 在美国 🇺🇸 发布
It’s great! Did everything I wanted it to do and more. For the other reviewers who are complaining it wastes tape obviously didn’t read the directions. To fix the “problem” they are having you just have to change the margins, which are full, half or narrow. I attached a picture with the difference between full margins and narrow. It’s all pretty simple and can’t wait to label everything!
1,794 个人发现此评论有用
1.0 颗星,最多 5 颗星 WASTES TOO MUCH $*(&## TAPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2017年11月11日 - 已在美国亚马逊上发表
658 个人发现此评论有用
1.0 颗星,最多 5 颗星 Worked For a Very Short Time
2017年12月28日 - 已在美国亚马逊上发表
451 个人发现此评论有用
Richard Milward
3.0 颗星,最多 5 颗星 Minimizing label waste
2015年11月28日 - 已在美国亚马逊上发表
1,439 个人发现此评论有用