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Light Booster -Phone Optimizer


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  • 展开或收起状态栏
  • 查看某个程序包占用的空间

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  • Memory Booster


Does your device seem sluggish?
Are you overwhelmed by apps and system components?
Is your battery draining quicker than ever?

If any of the answers to those questions is yes, then Light Booster (Phone Optimizer) is the best speed booster and junk cleaner. Light Booster (Phone Optimizer) is a smart Phone Optimizer, app cleaner and battery saver. It has the most effective and safest cleaning engine with the great ability to clean junk and speed up your Android device.With the smallest installation package, Light Booster (Phone Optimizer) can speed up your phone to the best performance and make it faster than ever.

Light Booster (Phone Optimizer) highlights
Small but strong- Light Booster (Phone Optimizer)speeds up your phone with a small package (XXM) which is perfect for phones with memory less than 1GB.
Convenient and fast - Speedbooster, junk cleaner and battery saver... all in one app and just in seconds! Faster than ever!
Efficient - Creating more space for your favorite games and apps with our speed booster and phone cleaner.
Root free - Light booster (Phone Optimizer) can speed up phone and save battery with no need for root. And it is more effective than competing apps that require root permissions, making your phone faster and safer.

LightBooster (Phone Optimizer)-easy to use
LightBooster(Phone Optimizer)is easy to use, without complex terms and various functions. We have integrated user-friendly and intuitive interfaces to make it very simple. Just click on the boost button to speed up your phone and clean junk. Also LightBooster (Phone Optimizer)offers you a home screen shortcut to boost your phone at any time with just one tap.

Speed Booster - make phone faster by 90%
Speed Booster frees up RAM by killing background processes and tasks. With one tap boost, this speed booster cleans unused applications in background to clear upmemory space and save battery power. The booster speeds up your phone by over 90%.Say goodbye to lag forever!

Battery Saver - save battery by 50%
Is your battery draining quicker than ever? Doesyour deviceoverheat and needs to cool down? Light Booster (Phone Optimizer)is also a good battery saver for you to extend your battery life. It can monitor your devices temperature and smartly close battery draining apps that cause it to overheat, therefore cooling down your Android phone and saving your mobile’s battery.

Booster in Notification bar –the good app cleaner
Booster in Notification bar will automatically let you know when your app's performance drops, so you canbring your phone back to the best conditioneasily with this app cleaner and speed booster. Make your phone faster and smoother.

Game Optimizer
Even regular phones use can slow down your games. You’ll not have to worry anymore about how to clear cache or how to speed up Android phone.App cleaner can temporarily pause unnecessary background processes, supercharging your games with more processing power. Giving you faster and smoother game experience than ever.


大小: 1.9MB
版本: 1.0.2
应用程序权限: ( 帮助我理解权限的意思 )
  • 展开或收起状态栏
  • 查看某个程序包占用的空间
  • 使用所有其他应用顶端的“TYPE_SYSTEM_ALERT”类型来打开窗口
  • 安装或卸载移动存储器的文件系统
  • 接收操作系统已完成启动的通知
  • 写入外部存储器
  • 获取精确(如 GPS)定位
  • 调用 killBackgroundProcesses(String)
  • 允许应用程序卸载主屏幕快捷方式
  • 打开网络套接字
  • 访问网络信息
  • 获取当前或最近运行的任务信息:任务缩略图、任务中运行的活动等。
  • 访问无线网络信息
  • 连接配对的蓝牙设备
  • 从外部存储器中读取
  • 读取手机状态
  • 读取或写入系统设置
  • 允许安装主屏幕快捷方式
最低操作系统: Android 4.0
大约下载时间: 不到 30 秒


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