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“Healing Crystals: The A - Z Guide to 555 Gemstones (English Edition)”,作者:[Michael Gienger]

Healing Crystals: The A - Z Guide to 555 Gemstones (English Edition) Kindle电子书

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"This is an 'A-Z Guide to 555 gemstones,' and is only 4.5” x 6.5” in size, and fits easily into one’s pocket or purse to have while crystal shopping. Each stone is shown in color to help with identification and the physical and metaphysical properties of each." (Krysta Gibson, New Spirit Journal)

"Ideal user manual to get you familiar with an abundance of unique and phenomenal stones. If you’re seeking a reliable source that can guide you through the plethora of gemstones the earth so lovingly offers us, then you’ll found this book to be quite informative. It offers colored images and volumes of concise information about each crystal featured. I enjoy seeing what each gemstone looked like and what attributes it has. It’s a great book to start off with, you’ll find yourself referring to it often." (
Lilac, Pawsitiveliving) --此文字指其他 kindle_edition 版本。


How to use this guide
The guide presents and defines the mineralogy and healing effects of crystals in common use, offering concise information on their basic properties. For further information, consult the indicated bibliography as needed. Terms used in the guide are as follows:
Title: the title of each entry gives the name or names of the illustrated crystal. In addition to the mineralogical name, the common or trade name is also used where relevant to define or describe the crystal in question. The scientifically recognised mineralogical names are printed in black, while common names are printed in blue. The titles serve as a suggestion to both gemstone dealers and interested readers of the correct and clear designation of the crystals.
Mineralogy: this gives a brief definition of the mineral with respect to the min- eralogy, especially its crystalline structure and nature of formation (‘prim.’ = molten magma formation, ‘sec.’ = formation through disintegration and de- posits, ‘tert.’ = metamorphic formation under heat and pressure).* In addition to the visible colour, these details are very important for the healing effect and application of a crystal. For further information on their significance, see Mi- chael Gienger’s book Crystal Power, Crystal Healing (Cassell, London, 1998).
Indications: this gives information on the most important healing effects and areas of activity of each crystal, in particular the main properties that charac- terise the crystal and distinguish it from crystals with similar properties. Other healing effects can be found in the indicated bibliography.
(SP) refers to the ‘spirit’ or ‘spiritual aspect’, the innate nature of a person including his or her important intentions, aims and focus in life; (S) refers to the ‘soul’ or the ‘subconscious’, including temperament, emotions, intui- tive perceptions, dreams, psychological experiences, habits and unconscious reactions; (M) refers to ‘mind’ or ‘mental aspects’, including ideas, values, convictions, views as well as the manner of thinking and conscious action; (B) refers to the ‘body’ or ‘physical aspect’, the human organism as a whole with its senses, organs and functions.
Defining these four aspects clearly differentiates what can be influenced, enhanced, changed or cured with the help of the crystals.
* Abbreviations:
prim. = primary sec. = secondary
tert. = tertiary cub. = cubic hex. = hexagonal
trig. = trigonal tetr. = tetragonal rhom. = rhombic
mon. = monoclinic tric. = triclinic
am. = amorphous
Bib.: this refers to comprehensive literature in which the crystal in question, or at least crystals of the same kind or family, is described. The numbers 1 to 21 refer to the bibliography on page 123.
Rarity: this gives an estimate of the availability of the crystal in question. Natu- rally, this is often subject to variation depending on which crystals are collected or mined in which mines or discovery sites at any point in time. As a result, these estimates are never ‘absolute’ – they are only intended to give a clue as to the chances of finding a desired crystal in the shops in the foreseeable future. Also, the availability of a crystal is not always linked to how rare or common it is. Rare crystals that are well known are sometimes more readily available than more common but less known ones. The availability has been individually classified as follows:
Common: means it has been continuously available in large quantities over a long period of time and cut into different forms and shapes. No scarcity of the common shapes or forms is anticipated in the foreseeable future.
Readily available: means it is available most of the time. No major scarcities of particular forms are expected in the future.
Not always available: means not always obtainable. Sometimes there is a scarcity or just a few forms are available in limited quantities. The reserves fluctuate or are limited.
Scarce: means hardly available. There is a frequent scarcity over long periods of time. It is sometimes only available in very few forms. Reserves are very limited.
Rare: means extremely scarce and obtainable only at specific times. For such crystals there is only a minimal reserve, or the known discovery sites are already exhausted or no longer accessible.
This little tick box enables you to make a note of the crystals you have – giving you an overview of crystals in your collection, first aid kit, experiment kit or therapy repertoire.

Abalone (Paua shell, Mother-of-pearl)
Mineralogy: coloured shell (Aragonite, rhom., sec.)
Indications: (SP) cheerfulness, security, protection (S) helps over- come despondency, insecurity and disappointment (M) ensures careful dealing with oneself and others (B) ameliorates irritation and inflammations of skin, mucous membrane and sensory organs.
Bib.: 2 | 4 | 6 | 8 Rarity: common
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