skins 思金斯 男款 A400 长紧身裤

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  • 面料类型: 76% 尼龙, 24% 氨纶
  • Skins思金斯性能压缩:该产品是运动装备,而非衣服。
  • 专门放置的 MX *面料块对关键肌群提供极大支撑,有助于减少肌带摩擦*(ITBFS)。
  • 采用扁平粘合/粘贴式下摆、平坦式坐垫以及有弹性、防擦伤的A型接缝设计。
  • 自适应HEIQ技术,确保提供先进的温度和湿度调节。
  • 全新动态渐变压缩裤,为活动肌提供更多的充氧血液,增加耐力,力量和效率。
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  • 包装尺寸 : 19.56 x 12.7 x 6.1 cm; 200 克
  • 制造商 : Skins North America
  • ASIN : B00OB5PH2Q
  • 型号 / 款式 : ZB99320019001LS
  • 部门 : 男式
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    4.6 颗星,最多 5 颗星 3 星级


The SKINS A400 Series represents the pinnacle of performance compression technology. It all starts with proprietary fabrics. Powerful, warp knit constructed fabric offers exceptional compression control and durability, giving engineers the ability to maximize muscle stability and support while precisely controlling gradient compression levels to maximize blood flow enhancement. Perform longer and stronger with less fatigue during activity and recover faster when worn post activity. Adaptive HIEQ technology embedded in key fabric panels offers state-of-the-art climate control technology: cooler when it's hot, warmer when it's cool for optimal muscle performance. Each pair of tights is made from 5 different fabrics and 20+ panels for a precise, premium fit and the ultimate in targeted performance. Medically applicable, Elastomeric yarn, low denier memory 'MX' fabric around the knees on A400 tights provides consistent compression but also supports the body's natural movements without applying too much pressure over the knee cap. Additional features include 360 degree reflectivity utilizing advanced, premium glass bead technology for enhanced visibility in low light conditions. Bonded hems for increased comfort, and A-Seams for a flatter, stronger, chafe free seam. And of course UPF50+ UV protection. Comfortable, long lasting with verifiable performance Enhancing benefits. Perform stronger, longer with less fatigue and a quicker recovery. Performance compression: it's equipment, not clothing.



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