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Oakiwear Kids Rubber Rain Boots with Easy-On Handles (12T US Toddler

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  • 鞋底材质: 塑胶
  • 封口类型: 尼龙搭扣
  • 鞋跟类型: 平底
  • 面料类型: 橡胶
  • 完美雨鞋让幼儿、儿童 | 我们设计轻盈防护罩,孩子和刚学步的宝宝,一直到*强的水潭。 采用优质的平底鞋底和低跟设计帮助宝宝保持固定在地面。 我们选择 " Rain 穿着 " 各种传统颜色,使这些所有雨衣服饰增添完美伴侣!
  • 易于清洗卸下来,让男孩款雨鞋和女孩雨鞋 | 有趣的一天后,只需一夜干爽。 外观时尚,保护靴子,防止污渍和灰尘,使其功能,适合日常使用。 我们的 stinking 增强橡胶使儿童双脚,,100% 纯棉完美内部构造,让双脚更温暖。 这些橡胶靴子可以使用日常。
  • 防水 | 我们的儿童雨鞋均采用*防水橡胶而不是 PVC 。 橡胶不会有强烈的异味,如替代品,以及持续时间更长。 我们的橡胶是一种采用舒适度高的材料,可实现更易弯曲、反弹。 这款适合儿童的 zero-drop 跟设计让行走更轻松。
  • PERFECT RAIN BOOTS FOR TODDLERS AND KIDS | We designed lightweight boots for kids and toddlers that hold up to the strongest of puddles. A nice flat sole and low heel helps keep kids firm on the ground. We choose a variety of traditional "rain wear" colors to make these the perfect companion to any rainwear outfit!
  • EASY TO WASH | After a day of fun, just rinse them off and let the boys rain boots and girls rain boots dry overnight. The sleek exterior protects the boots from stains and dirt, and allows them to be functional for everyday use. Our improved rubber keeps kids feet from stinking, and the 100% cotton interior is perfect for keeping feet warm. These rubber boots are made for daily play.
  • WATERPROOF | All our kids rain boots are made with natural, waterproof rubber. PVC-free. Rubber doesn't have a strong odor like the alternatives, and lasts much longer. Our rubber is a high-comfort material that allows for a better flex and rebound. The zero-drop heel design makes walking easier for young children.
  • EASY ON HANDLES | Hang them up to dry, hook them to a backpack, or store them out of the way in a closet. The handles are perfect for storage and portability, and are pressed and sealed into the boot for improved strength. But more importantly, your kids can now proudly put their waterproof boots on all by themselves. Also great for parents. :)
  • BEST KIDS BOOTS ON THE MARKET | Oakiwear's mission is to create an easier way to make your children excited to adventure. Our childrens boots and toddler boots handles help with hand-dexterity, our design keeps feet dry, and our goal is to inspire kids to play harder than ever. You will LOVE our boys and girls rainboots! Oakiwear. Where Explorers are Born.
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  • Is Discontinued By Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ 不是
  • 包装尺寸 ‏ : ‎ 27.2 x 25.7 x 9.4 cm
  • ASIN ‏ : ‎ B073HG5CP8
  • 型号 / 款式 ‏ : ‎ 11510412-00819519021112
  • 部门 ‏ : ‎ 男童
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    4.7 颗星,最多 5 颗星 5,468 评论


We're excited to introduce our new line of traditional rain boots. These super fun and colorful, kids rainboots are perfect for splashing around in puddles. They are made of natural rubber and include topside handles that make them easy for kids to put on themselves. The convenient handle design even improves children's hand-dexterity and fine motor skills. Oakiwear's high-quality rainboots are sure to keep your kiddos dry in the rain and puddles. These new designer boot sizes are pretty true to size, so if your toddler wears a size 6 shoe, they will likely wear a size 6 in our rubber boots as well. Rubber is the highest quality material to make kids boots out of since it doesn't smell like chemicals. Many boots today are made out of PVC, which sacrifices quality, comfort, and flexibility for price. Oakiwear understands that these boots need to be made for more than just a rainy day, they need to be perfect for taking your child fishing, camping, to the park, or on a picnic. The unique sole design is comfortable for children and is much easier to walk in than boots with an arch. The construction of the bottom not only provides comfort and stability, but also has been carefully sealed to keep your child's feet warm and dry. Being in the Northwest, Oakiwear practically has a PhD in "Rain-ology." Oaki strives to only create only top-of-the-line kids products that you feel confident in. These boots fit and feel great; your child will look fantastic!

我们很高兴向您介绍我们的新款传统雨鞋。 这些超级有趣且多彩的,孩子们水花四溅适合整四处飞溅的水潭。 它们采用天然橡胶以及包括顶部提手,更方便,适合孩子使用,装上自己。 方便的手柄设计甚至能够提高孩子的 hand-dexterity 和精细动作技能。 oakiwear 的高品质水花四溅一定能让您整 kiddos 在暴雨的风雨和水坑。 这些新款设计师靴子尺寸十分尺码准确,所以如果您的孩子穿6码鞋,则有可能穿尺码6在我们的橡胶靴。 橡胶是*优质的材质使儿童靴子的,因为它不会闻到等化学物质。 多靴子吧是采用 PVC ,牺牲品质、舒适和灵活性,价格实惠。 oakiwear 认为这些靴子需要多一个雨天,他们需要完美,可用于您的孩子可以钓鱼、露营、公园,或上野餐。 独特的鞋底设计,舒适贴身,适合儿童和更轻松,比靴子里散步,带有足弓。 这种结构的底部不仅提供舒适性和稳定性,而且经过精心密封,让您孩子的双脚温暖干爽。 而在西北地区, oakiwear 几乎有博士以 " rain-ology 。 " oaki 努力为您创造只由一流儿童产品,只有自信 cm 高。 这款靴子的修身效果和舒适;您的孩子会看起来很棒!


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