GUSTT Men's Genuine Leather RFID Blocking Secure Briefcase Shoulder Messenger Bag For Macbook Laptop

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  • 封口类型: 拉链
  • Large Space:fit for Ipad, iphone, file, wallet or Macbook laptop in it easily.
  • Size(Inch):18(L)x14(H)x6(W).
  • Materials: special RFID block materials,keep your individual information secure from RFID equipment.
  • Use for Business,Travel,Casual,Perfect Gift for Company,Friends,Family
  • Fashion Design:Bring a lot of fantasy to your daily life;Super cool and fashionable gift for everyone;High Quality,Fashion and sexy.

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  • 商品尺寸: 45.7 x 15.2 x 33 cm
  • 发货重量: 1.1 Kg
  • ASIN: B015HC2YSQ
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About RFID blocking
Did you know that since 2006, many countries like US, Canada, Germany, UK etc, have issued passports and ID include a radio frequency chip? And that electronic pickpockets can steal your ID and personal data.Many credit cards, band cards,driver's licenses, employee identification cards, and all current U.S. Passports contain a Radio-Frequency-IDentification (RFID) transmitter.These chips allow vendors to scan your cards easily at checkout and permit a quick read of your driver's license from a distance.
Remember, if your credit cards or other identification cards are scanned without your knowledge, your money or your identity can easily be stolen.Protect yourself from payment fraud and identity theft with our RFID blocking product.
Our genuine leather product feature the best RFID shielding in the industry. Every single pocket on every single pocket is entirely shielded individually, locking your personal information safely inside.

About GUSTT leather
GUSTT was established in 1983, mainly engaged in garments, leather design, development, production and sales of products for garments, leather, shoes, etc. Under the careful guidance of Italian master and meticulous design of senior leather designers, the products blend leisure and classic which are fully explained the fashion of brand concept. "Winning by quality, brand management" is the determination by GUSTT. The products from GUSTT are comfortable, elegance and charming. People of GUSTT are meticulous care about the package design, color of skin, type of skin and the selection of the match.Especially focus embodies metropolis male mature, elegant, romantic features to design. Through the acquisition of European fashionable element, combined with men of high grade design concept, their character distinct "GUSTT" male pack to a special, positive, fashionable concept of life.





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