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卖家: 亚马逊英国
卖家: 亚马逊英国
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Zidoo 旗舰 X10 安卓盒媒体播放器终极图像质量支持 3.5 英寸 HDD Bay[四核 2G/ 16G Wi-Fi/ 4K/ 3D / 双频/VFD 显示屏]
Zidoo Flagship X10 Android Box Media Player Ultimate Image Quality Support 3.5'' HDD Bay[ Quad Core 2G/ 16G Wi-Fi/ 4K/ 3D/ Dual-band/VFD Display]

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  • 定制的安卓系统,与媒体播放和系统的开放性完美结合;支持 HDR10 技术,同时支持 Ycbcr/4:4/12 位/4K@60HZ输出;强大的解码能力,支持4K UHD H.265/10bit,*大传输速率为 400Mbps
  • Zidoo *媒体中心;支持 SAMBA/ NFS。 它也与 PC 相同,支持文件的正常操作,如复制、粘贴和删除等;支持 USB 移动硬盘播放器,内置 NSS *金属和 3.5 英寸 HDD BAY。 对插件无害,超过100,000次,支持高达10T GPY格式的SATA 3.0硬件;
  • 支持所有3D格式回放(包括 MKV MVC 3D)、清晰图片、合适的深度、可调景深和支持 3D 字幕,支持蓝光菜单(IGS+ BDJ);支持 POPUP 菜单和 DIY 字幕。
  • 强大的字幕系统内置字幕下载器,根据当前电影自动在线字幕搜索。 支持任何类型的字幕效果(尺寸、颜色、框架、阴影等);支持自定义 ASS 字体的*功能;强大的互联网性能;1000M 自适应电缆网络和 802.11AC 双频 Wi-Fi,可满足各种环境;
  • 配置*背光遥控器,完整的媒体播放控制,您可以键播放 POPUP、切换曲目、字幕、停止等功能。 完美支持 RAW 输出和 Zidoo *嘴唇同步技术
    • Customized Android system and it is perfectly combined with media play and openness of system; Supports HDR10 technical, and also supports Ycbcr/4:4:4/ 12 bits/ 4K@60HZ outputs; Powerful decoding capability and supports 4K UHD H.265/10bit and maximum with 400Mbps streams
    • Zidoo exclusive media center; supports SAMBA/ NFS. It is also the same as PC, which supports some normal operations of the file like a copy, paste and delete, etc; Support USB mobile HDD player, and with NSS patent metal built-in and 3.5 inches HDD BAY. Harmless of plugin and out over 100,000 times and supports SATA 3.0 hardware over to 10T GPY format;
    • Supports all 3D formats playback (Including MKV MVC 3D), clean picture, appropriate depth, adjustable depth of field and support 3D subtitle, supports Blu-ray menu (IGS+ BDJ); supports POPUP menu and DIY subtitle.
    • Powerful subtitle system with subtitle downloader built-in, and automatically online subtitle searching based on the current movie. Supports any kind of subtitle effects (Size, Color, Frame, Shade, etc); exclusive function of supporting customized ASS font; Powerful internet performance; 1000M self-adaptive cable network and 802.11AC dual-frequency Wi-Fi and can meet all kinds of the environment;
    • Configuration full-function backlight remote control, complete media playback control, you can a key POPUP, switch tracks, subtitles, stop, and other functions. Perfectly support RAW outputs and Zidoo exclusive lip-sync technology


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Zidoo 旗舰 X10 安卓盒媒体播放器终极图像质量支持 3.5 英寸 HDD Bay[四核 2G/ 16G Wi-Fi/ 4K/ 3D / 双频/VFD 显示屏]



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美国亚马逊: 3.0 颗星,最多 5 颗星 15 条评论
Daniel Brown
1.0 颗星,最多 5 颗星 Best I had... then the network problems developed and now it's useless! Zero customer support!
2018年8月12日 - 已在美国亚马逊上发表
Daniel Brown
1.0 颗星,最多 5 颗星 Best I had... then the network problems developed and now it's useless! Zero customer support!
评论于 2018年8月11日 在美国 🇺🇸 发布
I purchased this as a stand-alone player for my 4K Samsung TV. Documentation is lacking and the questions I sent to the e-mail address for customer service went unanswered. Initially I could not figure-out how to see the device on my home network. On WIFI I could not see the device and was sadly disappointed, as uploading files to it would require removing the HDD and attaching to a tower. I could find no way to see it on my WIFI. Fortunately I had an ethernet switch nearby for my livingroom computer and my solar power inverter, and it had an empty port. Once hard-wired to my Gigabit LAN the device appeared on the network! Problem solved, but WIFI connectivity would be nice, too.

As for performance it's smooth as can be. I had previously recorded some high bitrate videos using my Go-Pro 3 Black in 4K 30FPS. The computer choked playing them and evening using a lite player like VLC helped, but still did not stop the jittery motion. The Zidoo didn't blink an eye and reproduced them faithfully! The remote is easy to use, has decent range unlike some other players like the AIOS (PIVOS). The Zidoo has apps built-in, but I have not utilized these as my smart TV encompasses most of what I'd use like Amazon Prime Video. Entering log-in information using the remote can be a rather daunting task... just be warned.

The unit presently has a 6TB HDD and has zero problem navigating files and I understand it's capable of a bigger HDD so it's got room to grow unlike my older players which are capped at 4TB. Another HUGE benefit is that it handles .265 format video so less of a huge HDD is required as these files are very small in size compared to .264.

I've had a few videos start and shortly halt returning to the file menu. Assuming there might be an error, I merely re-copied the file in question from another computer on the network and Voi-La, Problem fixed! I must honestly say that I've had several corrupted files with Android media players on a Window 7 home network, but the Zidoo seems to have fewer than my older AIOS and Rapsody Android-based Media HDD players, but it appears something sometimes doesn't always line-up when copying files. Also note that initially I copied files onto the HDD directly in the tower holding the master files, so I have ruled-out WIFI errors... and besides, this appears to be communicating with my network using the Ethernet Hard-Wired connection and not the WIFI, so why the errors I will never know.

These are not inexpensive units, but so far this is the nicest Media Player with HDD capability I have owned to date. Just understand that if you do run into problems, there seems to be no support available from the manufacturer. That aside, if you are a problem solver and have the slightest self-starter tendencies this unit probably will work-out nicely for you! UPDATE: Network (Wired LAN) became flaky then died completely! Without a network connection you cannot upload files to this machine. Wasted $300 for a few months of a great unit... short warranty, CRAP customer support! DO NOT BUY THIS UNIT... TOTAL JUNK!
2 个人发现此评论有用
1.0 颗星,最多 5 颗星 Do not buy, not a simple media player like most
2019年5月19日 - 已在美国亚马逊上发表
4.0 颗星,最多 5 颗星 So So
2018年10月9日 - 已在美国亚马逊上发表