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Cellopoll | Create & Submit polls from mobile (by


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支持的语言: 英文


  • 读取用户的联系数据
  • 访问账户服务中的账户列表

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  • Poll
  • Superpoll
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So you need a poll or a survey. Why not do it yourself?
With Cellopoll it's fun, easy, and professional.
Cellopoll is the mobile app from, an innovative poll and survey platform.
With Cellopoll you can easily compose your polls in 5 easy steps, select your preferred mobile contacts and submit!

Sign up as a Researcher, a poll submitter, and you will be able to:
- Instantly start a new poll, and in 5 steps it's ready!
- Select your answer type: Radio button, Checkbox, Slider, Images or Open text
- Easily duplicate an existing poll
- Choose how to send your polls: by Emails (free) or by SMS (extra charges may apply)
- Choose whether it is a free poll or a paid poll
- Private or Public? Do you want to share your survey analytics or not?
- Poll answers will stay anonymous or not?
- Customize your Thank you page
- Set a logo for your poll
- Get feedback from your respondents
- Get poll data and analytics

and many more features...

Sign up as a Respondent if you received a invitation to participate in a poll:
- Enjoy user-friendly interface to easily answer given questions
- By notified whether this poll is free or paid, and an estimate for poll completion
- View poll analytics (only if researcher tagged it as public)
- On paid polls, get your share immediately (needed a Paypal account)

Works beautifully on all iOS platforms.

Enjoy using Superpoll.
Researchers and Respondents...
You are welcomed!


大小: 8.7MB
版本: 1.3.8
应用程序权限: ( 帮助我理解权限的意思 )
  • 读取用户的联系数据
  • 访问账户服务中的账户列表
  • 打开网络套接字
  • 访问网络信息
  • 访问振动功能
  • PowerManager WakeLock 防止处理器休眠或屏幕变暗
  • 写入(但不读取)用户的联系数据
  • 允许应用程序通过 Google Cloud Messaging 接收消息
最低操作系统: Android 4.0
大约下载时间: 不到 90 秒


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