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SENSO 蓝牙耳机,*佳无线运动耳机,带麦克风,IPX7 防水高清立体声防汗耳塞,适用于健身房跑步锻炼 8 小时电池降噪耳机

5.0 颗星,最多 5 颗星 1 星级
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价格: ¥183.54
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  • TRUE HD 高保真声音 采用*新的蓝牙 4.1 CSR 技术以及*先进的声学组件,深低音和水晶透明的高音提供令人难以置信的音质。


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  • SENSO 蓝牙耳机,*佳无线运动耳机,带麦克风,IPX7 防水高清立体声防汗耳塞,适用于健身房跑步锻炼 8 小时电池降噪耳机
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  • SENSO 蓝牙耳机,*佳无线运动耳机带 /Mic IPX7 防水高清立体声防汗耳塞,适用于健身房跑步锻炼 8 小时电池降噪耳机(黑色蓝色)
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  • SENSO Wings 无线耳塞,蓝牙 5.0 TWS 真无线耳机,锻炼降噪防汗耳塞,带麦克风,40 小时播放时间,适用于 iPhone、跑步、健身房
总价: ¥650.87


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型号:ActivBuds S-250

为什么 SENSO ACTBUDS S-250 是蓝头手机更好的选择?

- 真正的高精度声 享受立体声,高清晰度,摇滚实心低音,超清晰的高音。

- BLUETOOTH V4.1 无跳线无线,*长 30 英尺

- IPX7 防水/防水保护

- 电池寿命更长 - 电池使用时间长达 8 小时的游戏时间,电池效率更高。

- 时尚和符合人体工程学设计的无绳耳机

- 主动降噪

- *舒适贴合

- 控制电话 - 免提通话和轻松控制音量、跳过、暂停和播放。

- 可与所有蓝牙启用设备同时连接两个智能手机。

- 优质包装和优质配件

- 蓝牙规格: 4.1+EDR
- IPX7 防水等级
- 降噪: CVC6.0
- 传输距离:30 英尺
- 电池:锂离子聚合物 85mAh
- 频率响应:20 -22kHz
- 充电端口:微型 USB
- 充电时间:1-2 小时
- 播放时间:长达 8 小时
- 待机时间:240h

3 套耳塞 - 小号,中号,大号
1 套*泡沫耳塞


买家信任 SENSO 品牌,该品牌致力于提供*高品质的产品和狂热客户支持。 您的完全满意是我们的首要目标。

享受积极的生活方式的声音自由 - 数量可能会有限 - 现在就下单吧!







5.0 颗星,最多 5 颗星
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美国亚马逊: 4.0 颗星,最多 5 颗星 33,446 条评论
5.0 颗星,最多 5 颗星 As good as you'll ever need.
2017年12月28日 - 已在美国亚马逊上发表
颜色: 红色已确认购买
5.0 颗星,最多 5 颗星 As good as you'll ever need.
2017年12月28日 在美国审核
These were a lot better than I was expecting, here's some pros and cons

1. Great sound and bass, compared to my 50 dollar Sony over ear wired headphones, they are about 80% as good. Nice noticeable bass, not as good as said headphones, but pretty good. Highs are pretty good aswell, can definitely hear that treble. Clarity is iffy, a bit muddy but nothing that's noticeable without trying to look for flaws. It's very loud aswell.

2. Battery is good right out the box, been listening to music ever since I got them 4 hours ago.

3.easy to pair, just turned them on and found them in the bluetooth settings.

4. Lots of different accessories and eartips, the small ones are the best for me. TWO DIFFERENT CHARGERS, HAIL TO MICRO USB

5. Fit pretty well, too well actually, residual pain does occur so be ready for that, it's not their fault just the earbud design. But it does not and will not fall out.

6. Easy controls, they are located in the right headphone.

7. You can use Google assistant while phone is off, if you hold down the button for a second it will say voice dial but really it's just the assistant. Cool if you need a quick fact but don't want to get your phone out.

8. Calls are pretty good, people can understand me fine on the other end.

9. Perfect for any occasion, school, public, workouts, jogs, push ups, work and even home.

10. Small and compact, can carry in pocket anywhere or around neck

1. They hurt your ears when you wear them for any length of time, oof my ears. Also random really high pitch noises when listening to music, unless your ears are good level like mine you won't notice.

2. The cord is a minor inconvenience but you already know this.

3. Some slight static noise, hardly noticeable, am I hearing things?

4. They can't make me toast.

Conclusion: Are these the best headphones out there? No. Can you buy a better pair for $29.97? No. Don't buy anything more expensive, unless you really want super fantastic awesome sound. Plus these come with ballin accessories that could potentially cost more than the product itself! ( I honestly don't know how they could pack so much accessories into this product, have it cost 30 bucks and it still be good quality, mind blower. I still can't find where they cut corners other than maybe the build quality, it doesn't look 100% like the picture but it does enough.) If you're on the edge between these and some more expensive but essentially the same headphones, get these.
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4.0 颗星,最多 5 颗星 I wasn't sure if she would like the over-the-ear wireless so I didn't want to spend ...
2018年1月10日 - 已在美国亚马逊上发表
颜色: 红色已确认购买
4.0 颗星,最多 5 颗星 I wasn't sure if she would like the over-the-ear wireless so I didn't want to spend ...
2018年1月10日 在美国审核
I've consistently gone to the gym about 6 to 7 days a week over the past two years using powerbeats2 and then powerbeats3 wireless headsets during my workouts. I do free weights and end each workout with cardio on the treadmill, elliptical, or speed bike...mostly treadmill. For those Powerbeats users out there you know about the battery issues with these headsets. I have presently gone through 5 different Beats Powerbeats wireless headsets during the past two years. First headset was purchased through Target, which it stopped holding a charge after 8 months. I sent to Apple for repair but they promptly returned that said to me saying there was a small hairline crack at the base therefore not covered by the warranty. I purchased my second Powerbeats on Craigslist from someone who received it free with his iPhone purchase. That headset lasted about 6 months before it stopped holding a charge I have since gone through three sets purchased at Costco, returning the last one two weeks ago due to same battery issues and the headset not holding its charge. Costco presently does not have these headsets in stock.

I purchased this Senso wireless headset for my wife as a Christmas gift. I wasn't sure if she would like the over-the-ear wireless so I didn't want to spend $160 for Powerbeats. She doesn't know this but I've been using this Senso headset over the past two weeks at the gym and have feedback how it compares to the Powerbeats 3 headset.

First thing I noticed about this headset is the sound. There's definitely more bass coming through the headset and overall it's louder compared to the Powerbeats. Flexible hooks that go over the ear are thicker and more stable with the Powerbeats 3. The Powerbeats definitely has a tighter fit around the ear. The ear buds for both models feel identical to me and both fit snugly inside the year. Both sets are sweat-proof and for the most part stay on the ear while I'm running.

The biggest difference I noticed that favors Powerbeats is the range in which the headset receives the signal from my Samsung Note 5 smartphone. For example with Powerbeats I can easily walk 30 to 40 feet away from my phone and get absolutely no disruption in my music. The Senso headset starts to have distortion after about 15 feet. I will say though that with my wife's iPhone I actually found the range of the Senso farther than the Powerbeats.

I would suggest Senso consider including the cable/wire attachment to allow for tightening of the cable against the back of head for stability or under the chi depending on how you wear them. I actually took an extra cable attachment that I had from my Powerbeats and used with this Senso. Without that the wires would be dangling and bouncing back and forth while I'm running.

One annoying thing I noticed on this headset is the plastic cover leading to the charge input. Powerbeats2 had this issue and it was corrected with Powerbeats 3 version. I found it very difficult to uncover the outlet to charge this headset so I ended up ripping it off...much better now.

What I loved about Senso is the hard cover case they included. Powerbeats 3 started to include a soft case which is an absolute joke. I was very pleased with the hard case that came with this Senso headset.

Conclusion.... aside from the range and the feel compared to Powerbeats with his headset, I am actually considering purchasing a Senso set for myself and getting away from Powerbeats at $160. Of course I'll have to revise this review and see how long the battery lasts and the durability of this headset but so far I've been actually very pleased the two weeks that I've been using this headset.
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