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“Integrated IT Performance Management (English Edition)”,作者:[Kenneth Bainey]

Integrated IT Performance Management (English Edition) 1第一 版本, Kindle电子书

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Kenneth R. Bainey, MBA, Bsc., PMP, P.Mgr., CIM, CCP, is a senior information technology (IT) professional, with 35 years of industry experience, performing leadership roles in performance management and implementation of numerous business application systems in private, public, and academic sectors in Canada and the United States. He has functioned as CIO, senior performance manager, enterprise architect, and IT management consultant at many organizations in both countries, where he implemented various components of this "results-driven performance measurement and accountability framework"-integrated IT performance management (IPMF-IT) (TM). He is an author, speaker, and lecturer, and currently owns an IT consulting and research company. --此文字指其他 kindle_edition 版本。


"I am impressed with Ken Bainey's approach to integrated IT performance management. His practical approach to accountability for results, by aligning strategy to execution using a performance measurement dashboard, is revealing and insightful. This book provides that understanding of how to apply results-based management and results-based budgeting to transform your IT organization to a culture of performance excellence." ...Ken Maharaj, former CIO, Bishop's University, Sherbrooke, Canada "This book is well written by a respected IT professional. It could serve as a textbook or an easy read for any professional. Although this book is written from an IT perspective, there is something in it that would appeal to professionals in any field of performance. More specifically, it could very easily be applied to the project management world, especially team performance. This book appeals to both new and experienced managers and project managers." ...Sami Fahmy, Ph.D, PEng, PMP, adjunct professor, University of Alberta-Engineering, Alberta, Canada "An excellent body of knowledge on integrated IT performance management that integrates strategic management, IT operational management and performance management. The readers will understand how IT strategic directives align with the outputs, outcomes and performance measures in the IT performance measurement dashboard. This understanding via practical applicability will be of tremendous value to IT and business decision makers in managing, measuring and monitoring the delivery of IT services." ...Qing Tan, Ph.D., associate professor, School of Computing and Information Systems, Athabasca University, Alberta, Canada "Already a published author, Ken has produced an amazing comprehensive collection of his experiences in IT leadership, represented by an integrated IT performance management framework-body of knowledge. His logical approach with practical "real-life" scenarios and dashboard implementation provides clarity to this complex discipline of performance management, which is perceived quite differently in practice and academic research. I believe that this framework can be used in the design and implementation of performance management systems or the start of a new body of knowledge-Performance Excellence Body of Knowledge (PEBOK)." ...Eugene Sears, former senior vice-president, IT services, MCAP, Ontario, Canada "Ken has created the first IT performance management body of knowledge, from my research and awareness. The ideas, strategies, and processes covered in this book are very well articulated, with innovative and practical insights into the alignment and integration of performance measurement results-accountability for results, processes, and tools. His integrated IT performance management framework provides a clear, consistent, and complete picture with key insights suitable for the academic, private, and business sectors. I believe this framework will inspire many IT leaders to assess and transform their performance management practices." ...Stanley Budhram, DSc., professor, American Military University, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania "Ken's book is a thoughtful collection of his extensive experiences and research to integrating performance measurement and management practices. He is an author with "hands-on" IT leadership and consulting experiences. This book is a must read for those responsible for managing the performance of their IT organization." ...Ashvanee Bisonauth, Msc., IT director, Government of Alberta, Canada "Writing a book on concepts such as performance management that is perceived quite differently in practice and academic research requires lots of experiences, research, and wisdom. Assembling these experiences, research, and wisdom into an integrated performance management framework of clarity, consistency, and completeness is even more challenging and daunting. Ken has developed a logic model to bridge strategies with practical IT operational execution, represented as an integrated IT performance management framework (IPMF-IT), with discussion of the positive and negative views. I am sure you will reflect on your own views and experiences for improvements after reading this book." ...Myles Diamond, senior performance manager, Edgeware Inc., Alberta, Canada "IT projects are notorious for cost overruns, delays, and failure to deliver value. Ken Bainey has gifted the IT industry with a valuable compendium of models and insights for delivering outstanding returns on investments in IT." ...Touraj Nasseri, Ph.D., PEng., professor and IT Director, Government of Alberta, Canada "This is one of the best books on performance management that I have ever read. Ken Bainey has done an excellent job of illustrating accountability for results-based management, linking strategy with IT operational execution using an integrated IT performance measurement dashboard and transforming an IT organization to a culture of performance excellence. His discussions are logical, his scenarios are real, his graphical representations are practical, and his writing is inspirational." ...Edson Roopnarine, Msc., specialist, IT Governance, Government of Alberta, Canada "This is a must read for business and IT leaders who are serious about improving their understanding of performance management integration, accountability, transparency, sustainability, and transformational change, to optimize the utilization of IT resources and to enable and support organizational excellence." ...Michael Frenette, PMP, CMC, senior partner, Sierra Systems Consultant, Nova Scotia, Canada "Almost fifty percent of major IT projects fail because of significant cost overruns, much longer delivery time, or not meeting their original objectives. One of the reasons for this is a lack of adequate performance management protocol, poor coordination and integration during the project life cycle, and failure to implement appropriate monitoring and reporting systems. Far too often we have text books written by authors who do not have enough hands-on experience regarding the subject matter. Ken Bainey, however, has done a marvelous job presenting his over 35 years of proven practical experience and expertise in "Integrated IT Performance Management Framework", which provides a blue print to enable the delivery of value-based IT services by linking strategic and operational management with outcome driven performance management. This text book will not only benefit university students but also will serve as an excellent reference guide for practicing IT and engineering professionals." ...Jay G. Ramotar, MEng., PEng., deputy minister (retired), Government of Alberta, Canada --此文字指其他 kindle_edition 版本。


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