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toesox 女式脚踝全头手柄防滑适用于 yoga ,普拉提, barre ,芭蕾粉脚趾袜
ToeSox Women's Ankle Full Toe Grip Socks (Black) Medium

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售价: ¥104.39 - ¥151.61
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  • 五双脚鞋头设计更有利于脚趾传播,健康
  • Arch 带提供的压力,提拉和支撑力
  • 无褶皱修身鞋跟和扭曲
  • 防滑鞋底,可提供放置脚
    • It's like you're bare foot...but even better. For all barefoot activities, like Pilates, yoga, dance, barre, and martial arts. Stick To Your PracticeTM.
    • GRIP: ToeSox Patented grip sock ensures non slip and provides secure foot placement during all bare foot fitness practices - like Pilates, barre, and yoga
    • DESIGN: Five toe construction allows toes to move and spread naturally. Fitted heel eliminates bunching and twisting. Arch band provides gentle pressure to lift and support.
    • HYGIENIC: Barrier between foot and equipment protects feet from unwanted dirt and germs.
    • CONTENTS: All cotton is sourced certified organic. 90% Organic Cotton 8% Elastane, 2% Other Fiber. Printed socks: 58% Polyester, 32% Cotton, 8% Elastane, 2% Other Fiber. Machine washable. Wash inside out in gentle cycle. Line dry or low heat in dryer. No bleach or iron.

膳魔师品牌于1904年在德国创立,英文“THERMOS”源于希腊文,意为“热量、保温”,也代表了膳魔师产品最大的优点和特色。现今,因为膳魔师优越的保温性能,已成为保温瓶全球通用的称呼,实际意义即为THERMOS便是保温容器的始祖。 >>查看Thermos >>查看海外购厨具店


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ToeSox classic style rests just above the ankle and provides secure foot placement on the floor, mat or equipment. A hygienic alternative to bare feet. Perfect grip toe sock for Yoga, Pilates and Barre.

ToeSox is an innovative brand driven by active lifestyles. We are best known for our patented grip socks created to handle the demanding technical needs of barre, dance, Pilates and yoga. Inspired by function, fashion and foot health, the ToeSox product line includes five toe studio grip, dance, sport and casual socks as well as five toe sandals, leg warmers and grip gloves. Whether holding plank a little longer, being more grounded in Relevé or clocking the miles blister-free, ToeSox has you covered.

The best part of a pedicure is the foot massage. Those precious moments of pampering and soaking in warm water is our sweet reward for carrying us around all day. At some point, we've all experienced foot pain. Whether from long days in closed-toe shoes or a night out dancing in heels, our feet yell at us with our discomfort. Each foot is designed with 26 bones, 33 joints, more than a hundred muscles, tendons, and ligaments--that's a lot happening in such compact space! Let's help these poor soles out.

While many foot ailments can be genetic, many are caused from a lack of attention to our design. Spreading your five toes is one of the best ways to help your feet.

-RELIEVE discomfort and pain from bunions caused from wearing constraining footwear.

-HELP reverse the damage caused by wearing tight, ill-fitting shoes that can cause painful foot ailments like Morton's Neuroma.

-ACTIVATE muscles and increase blood circulation for enhanced healing.

-ALIGN the bones and strengthen muscles to train the toes to naturally uncross.

The foot is designed with five toes for a purpose so our products are created to support this natural movement - with five toes.

穿高或辫子上半部分低,保持肌肉温暖,可随时可以在 toesox 紧缩纹及膝脚趾抓地力。 完美适合 Barre 、跳舞、普拉提、瑜伽。
关于 toesox :
toesox 是一款创新品牌追求积极生活方式的。 我们著名的专利防滑袜子发明,处理苛刻的技术需求 Barre 、跳舞、普拉提、瑜伽。 灵感来自功能、时尚和*健康,该 toesox 产品线包括五个脚趾工作室抓地力、舞蹈、运动和休闲袜子以及五个脚趾凉鞋,腿套和抓地力手套。 无论承载木板稍长,硬度更接地 relevé 或为英里不平坦, toesox 您无后顾之忧。
*的部分的足疗是该*按摩。 那些珍贵的时刻呵护我们的甜蜜的奖励,并浸入温水中,带着我们周围一整天。 在一些点,我们所有经验丰富**。 无论是长鞋鞋天或一个晚上跳舞的高跟鞋,我们的双脚 yell 在美国,我们的不适。 每个脚设计有26根鱼骨,33关节,一百多个肌肉、肌腱、韧带 -- 这是许多发生在如此紧凑空间! 让我们帮助这些可怜的鞋底。
同时多引起的***,多是来自一个缺少关注我们的设计。 把您的五脚趾,帮助您的双脚*方式之一。 – 缓解不适和*的缓解由于的穿着 constraining 鞋类商品。 – 帮助抚平,穿太紧,导致鞋造成的*,导致***如莫尔顿神经瘤。 – 激活肌肉,促进*,增强*。 – 骨骼和加强肌肉,锻炼脚趾的对齐,以天然 uncross 。


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