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Is the Witch in Love? Lite


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支持的语言: 法语, 英文


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3.5.0 版本的新功能
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  • ASIN: B00OLX2GO0
  • 最初的发行日期(第一版): 2014年10月29日
  • 开发者最新更新: 2015年2月19日
  • 分级: 所有年龄 此应用程序可能包含动态内容。 这是什么?
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  • 24 interactive 3D pages
  • 6 games
  • 3 difficulty levels based on age
  • Available in French and English versions
  • 30 minutes of family fun


“Is the Witch in Love?” is a subtle blend of stories, games and cartoons.

In this version, you can read and play the first 4 pages of this highly interactive book.
If you enjoy it, buy the full version in one click.

Discover --- or rediscover --- “The Witch with No Name” in a new interactive adventure full of emotion and magic.

The witch thinks she’s in love with the handsome and famous sorcerer Merlinor. She dreams of being invited to the big party that he throws every year for Halloween. Despite the advice of her faithful bat-friend, Batina, she decides to do everything she can to charm Merlinor: change her appearance, swap her old broomstick for a deluxe model and even learn good manners.

But will that be enough to charm Merlinor?

Is she right to change in order to make him fall for her?

Will her true love be the one we think he is?

To find out, take off for this new adventure and help out the witch!

Your child will be able to read, learn and play all at the same time :

* Put a magic puzzle back together again
* Sharpen his/her sense of observation with a fashion designer game in Lagerspell‘s boutique
* Test his/her reflexes as a driver in a Ferraci broomstick race
* Test his/her memory with Mummily Manners’s game of etiquette
* Keep his/her cool in a great battle of magic spells
* Touching, sliding, shaking and lots of other ways for the child to take an active part in the story . . .

“Is the Witch in Love?” is perfect for children aged 4 to 10.

Choose the difficulty level of the games based on your child’s age.

Use the camera and gyroscope in a new way!

Enjoy this magical experience with your child on a tablet or smartphone.

There’s a surprise for you at the end of the story . . .

* 24 interactive 3D pages
* 6 games
* 3 difficulty levels based on age
* Available in French and English versions
* 30 minutes of family fun
* 2 play modes: "Read to me" or "Read by myself"
* 4 challenges to complete in order to unlock a 'surprise' game
* Wonderfully-illustrated with funny and colorful characters
* Reading pleasure improved by the discovery of numerous interactive elements
* Original musical score

Bonus: download games, paper cut-outs and coloring pages from our site :

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大小: 72.5MB
版本: 3.5.0
应用程序权限: ( 帮助我理解权限的意思 )
  • 访问振动功能
  • 录制音频
  • 写入外部存储器
  • 允许 Google 应用程序权利验证
  • 实现初级访问以设置屏幕方向(屏幕旋转)
  • 打开网络套接字
  • 访问网络信息
  • PowerManager WakeLock 防止处理器休眠或屏幕变暗
  • 访问无线网络信息
  • 访问摄像装置的必备条件
  • 修改全局音频设置
  • 从外部存储器中读取
  • 允许应用程序通过 Google Cloud Messaging 接收消息
最低操作系统: Android 2.3
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