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Nobles Center for Training


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15 years experience in the field of training and advisory mission Message Center: We will work on the development of enterprises and individuals through: - excellence using the latest tools - provide the best services and activities of high quality - market analysis and excellence in providing software development, training and consultancy - Communicate outstanding customer logo Center: Tomorrow tops instill nobility. Vision Center: Leadership in the development of enterprises and individuals. Our goals: to provide various programs that fill the different needs of the aspects of human development for individuals and institutions. Outstanding contribution to the rehabilitation of the local cadres in various fields of training. Contribute to the polarization of cadres (non-local) and excellence in the training programs. Work to consolidate and inherited the expertise and training programs, according to the foundations of the global task and concepts of sound scientific community to ensure benefit from them. Work on linking training programs Islamic heritage and his Islamic activation. Work on achieving excellence and spread locally and regionally and globally. Constant communication with the trainees and strengthen their relationship. Our values: effectiveness in achieving the message'' Kalpnian pull together''. Team work'' on the heart of one man''. Excellence in performance'' If one of you do it well. ' '' Credibility in the tender of fraud'' not one of us. Instill values,'' but what remained Nations ethics''. Providing scientific programs beneficial'' and you'll come give you a timber cutting''. Hassan dealing with the trainees' Simha if sold and bought if''. Permanent development programs'' for GDC was better than the day''. Gradient in leadership'' here today and there tomorrow''. Description nobles Center for Training ...... inserts with you from the first step to achieve what you aspire to great achievements in your life, it is the fulcrum (center), and all who wish to contribute to human development, directs programs for (nobles) owners of determination and high ends Commissioner of Nagaba and intelligent, seeks (Development) real positive contribution to the renaissance of the community and submitted in accordance with its (overall), which covers the diverse needs of human communities.


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  • 获取精确(如 GPS)定位
  • 访问账户服务中的账户列表
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