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Cookie Tapper

Wayne Hagerty

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支持的语言: 英文


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Are you ready for Super Challenging, Boredom Crushing, Addicting Cookie Tapping Game to play?

A game that truly displays why simple is better and whole lot more fun and tasty.

Introducing Cookie Tapper - The Endless Tap Tap Game!

The game play is simple but not as easy as it looks and it looks oh so yummy.

To play Simply Tap The Cookie to keep it in the air earning you as many points as possible.

Seems simple enough?

But wait there is another challenge for you Cookie Tappers out their and it makes this game a bit tougher to play.

While you keep the Cookie in the air you must Click and Tap to Pop the Chocolate Chips before they reach the top.

Each Chocolate Chip you pop will earn you points and every Chip that makes it to the top will give you a strike.

3 Strikes and your Out!

With GameCircle Leader Board integrated, this game is perfect for all ages as you challenge yourself and friends for bragging rights to see who can build the highest score on the board.

The next viral hit has arrived and you can be the first to download it!

FREE Updates!

Download it Now and start Tapping!


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版本: 1.0
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