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El curso de INGLÉS - PARTE 3 (34003)


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支持的语言: 西班牙语


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  • English | 3 Stage Video Course | Part 3 | 4.5 hours


A self-study course for a good basic knowledge of the English language. This course is designed to refine and improve your ability to understand and talk - while expanding your vocabulary and correct use of grammar and syntax, and soon you will be able to conduct a short conversation! Some basic details: - 3 levels: Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced. Choose your level! - The complete course consists of 80 lessons – more than 10 hours of video conversations, vocabulary, comprehension exercises, speech and accents - which make the learning experience both interactive and enriching. - Explanations in LANG in all phases of study. - Native and professional narrators conduct the whole learning process, so you are never alone… Now it's time to improve your English! PART 1 In Part 1, you'll learn how to pronounce all the letters of the English alphabet and many common letter combinations. You'll also learn to read a variety of useful words. Part 1 includes 22 lessons, more than 2 recorded hours, over 400 new words! PART 2 In Part 2, you'll learn the basic parts of speech, including verb conjugations, noun forms, adjective forms, and a whole lot more. You'll also acquire some very useful vocabulary. Part 2 includes 24 lessons, more than 4 recorded hours, over 1000 new words! PART 3 In Part 3, you'll learn more parts of speech, as well as additional verb conjugations, noun forms, and adjective forms. You'll also learn many common expressions in English and a lot of new vocabulary for everyday scenarios. Part 3 includes 34 lessons, more than 4.5 recorded hours, over 1500 new words! We're constantly working on developing more advanced levels, including business English and more, so make sure you look out for new versions… Now, let's get started!


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