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Animals for Kids (Full - HD)

Avrora Interactive

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支持的语言: 中文, 俄罗斯语, 德语, 日语, 英文, 西班牙语, 韩语


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  • Features:
  • The charming, lovely animals are divided into 3 sections, with 7-9 animals in each
  • Original graphics by a children’s illustrator
  • Original animal sounds
  • Hear how the animals’ names sound
  • 17 food items and the ability to feed every animal
  • Pleasant, relaxing music
  • A simple interface that even a toddler can figure out
  • Enjoy the game, and may your children be happy and healthy!


"Animals for Kids" - a developmental, educational game about animals for the youngest children, age 1-5.

The game "Animals for Kids" for children aged 1-5 will help your children learn and memorize names of wild and domestic animals, learn the sounds they make and even find out what they eat. Take care of them and feed them now - they're waiting for you!
Recommended by parents. Loved by children!
Toddlers aged 1 and up are very interested in the world around them, and of course, their first interest is wild and domestic animals - cats, dogs, birds. They want to touch all of them and play with every one. "Animals for Kids" lets your child get to know every animal close-up:
• Find out and memorize the animal's name
• Find out what sounds it makes
• Find out what it eats!
There are three food options provided for each animal, but only one fits. By offering each option to the animals in turn, the child learns and memorizes what wild and domestic animals eat.
We believe that good choices have to be instilled from an early age and this is no less important than making your first steps and saying your first words. The animals were created with a loving and gentle touch - they are a pleasure to look at and make anyone want to take care of them!
Do you want to teach your children to take care of animals? Then start with a simple game on a tablet!


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版本: 2.0.6
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