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Jolly Journey - Santa Claus Christmas Winter Adventure on Xmas Eve

Wanaka Mobile LLC

定价: ¥ 6.00
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支持的语言: 英文


  • 获取精确(如 GPS)定位
  • 读取较低级别的系统日志文件

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1.2 版本的新功能
  • Upgrade game engine.



  • Beautiful graphics!
  • Multiple stages and levels!


Download The Hottest Christmas App Available Worldwide! Help Santa get all his presents ready for the holidays. His trusty reindeer are anxiously waiting to start go quickly! Travel through the North Pole, Rockefeller Center in New York City, a Spooky Forest and more to collect everything in time for Christmas! Enjoy the beautiful design for all four magic stages, each with 20 of their own levels. That over 80 total for you to play right now! You can design your own Santa - choose from dozens of different styles and accessories. Customize the sleight, sunglasses, and even add your home country flag! Collect presents to redeem for power-ups. You can buy milk and cookies for Santa to give him an amazing boost of energy! Full multiplayer integrations! You can play with any of your friends to see who can collect the most presents before Christmas Eve! Connect through the HeyZap platform and share your score with millions of other players. Good luck and Happy Holidays!


大小: 45.6MB
版本: 1.2
应用程序权限: ( 帮助我理解权限的意思 )
  • 获取精确(如 GPS)定位
  • 读取较低级别的系统日志文件
  • 获取粗略(如 Cell-ID 和 Wi-Fi)定位
  • 打开网络套接字
  • 访问网络信息
  • 获取当前或最近运行的任务信息:任务缩略图、任务中运行的活动等。
  • 访问无线网络信息
  • 写入外部存储器
最低操作系统: Android 2.3.3
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