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فقه مصور عبادات - حج


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The application seeks to make the learner know the description of hajj as the prophet Mohamed ( peace and blessing be upon him ) Starting from Ihram until the end of the pilgrimage and returning from it explaining all what is related to This obligatory as stated by the prophet as he is among us and we learn from him .this application starts with an introduction about makka its poisition and virtue.then it deals with hajj in details .it adresses the defintiom of hajj and omra their rules and and virtues .then it adresses mawaqeet with its two types : mawaqeet of place and mawaqeet of time and what is related to them .and then go with the learner to ihram its definition , Recommended acts, Forbidden acts . then it deals with nusk and At-Talbiyah and all what is related to them.then it deals with pillars of hajj its obligatories and sunnan also omra and its pillars,obligatories , sunnan passing rhrough fidya and hadi . then deals with adhya , its definition rules , time of sacrifice and divided In the latter deals with pilgrim's visit to the city before returning from the performance of those obligatoryand all what is related to this visit from rules , ethics and what spread from mis


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