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Hungry Gows

Apostrophe Apps, LLC

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支持的语言: 日语, 英文


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  • Stanly Gow – Freaks out and bursts with a single tap.
  • Toughy Gow - Cannot be taken out with a tap so use a more creative way to smash them.
  • Killer Gow - Takes out other Gows with their spikes.
  • Sticky Gow - Sticks to nearby objects.
  • The Twins - When you take out one, the rest soon follow.
  • Nanny Gow - Forms a link with any orphaned Gow that comes close.
  • Balloony Gow - Floats up as high as they can when set free.
  • BlackBall Gow – Needs to be the last Gow destroyed.
  • Boomer Gow – Tap and the Gow explodes after a short delay, taking nearby Gows out with him.
  • Gowzilla – Call in the mean eatin’ beast to devour every pesky Gow and quickly complete a level.


Halp! Adorable aliens are eating our world and they must be stopped!

Detach and destroy all the Hungry Gows in this 2D physics-based puzzle game featuring adorable aliens hell-bent on devouring the cities of Loomville, Mootown, Acecity, Someburg and now Railboro!

Use well-timed taps to create cascading carnage and clear each level using the least number of moves possible. Drop Gows on moving wheels of spikey death, smash them into walls or even bash them into each other for cartoony fun and destruction. Call in the mighty Gowzilla for the ultimate Gow dining experience.

Each type of Gow interacts with the environment in a unique way, allowing multiple solutions to all 100 puzzles. Get into a Gow smashing groove and you can unlock all 28 Achievements.

You can also use your pictures or photos to create customized Gows using the Hungry Gows Facemaker feature.


大小: 55.7MB
版本: 1.3
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