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Tiny Peppers: Chinese Recipes FREE

Margaret Maynard-Reid

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1.0.6 版本的新功能
  • • Optimized images and layouts for tablets
  • • Added link to download Tiny Peppers PROD version
  • • Customized recipe list with photos included



  • Recipe lists, categorized such as spicy, vegetarian, or easy recipes.
  • Recipe details with photos.
  • Seasoning photos that help you in shopping ingredients.
  • Supports Android version 2.1 – 4.2 (API 7 – 17).
  • Supports both phone and tablet screen sizes.


Do you love authentic Chinese food? Would you like to learn how to quickly put together a healthy and tasty meal? Download “tiny peppers” free recipe app and learn how to cook delicious Chinese dishes! The app includes spicy and non-spicy, mostly healthy vegetarian recipes. It has quick and easy recipes such as spicy fried rice, as well as those that require more advanced cooking techniques such as wontons and pot stickers.

Take the free Chinese recipes with you on Android phones or tablets. The app doesn't require any special permissions to run and can be used offline. Photos are included for most recipes, as well as the commonly used seasonings that will help you in shopping for the ingredients.

Tiny Peppers Android app has 40+ of my secret recipes from decades of cooking. It’s currently featuring rare-to-find Chinese recipes of Guizhou cuisine, which is one of China’s eight major cuisines, and it’s spicy like Sichuan (Szechuan) cuisine. Most dishes are flavored with hot chili peppers: from snacks, soup, salad, stir-fry, fried-rice to hot pot. Anything that is not spicy such as a plain vegetable soup is dipped into pepper dipping sauce.

Here are a few examples of the Chinese recipes in the app:
• Fried Rice蛋炒饭- quick and easy
• Shredded Potato 土豆丝- simple and authentic
• Mung Bean Cold Noodles豌豆凉粉- spicy and mouthwatering
• Wonton Soup馄饨- great for breakfast
• Chive Chicken Pot-sticker锅贴- crispy and delicious
• Spicy Potato 麻辣洋芋- hot and spicy authentic Guiyang street eat
• Stir-fried Pea Tips蒜蓉豆苗 - simple and healthy
• Tomato Pepper Tofu 番茄青椒豆腐 - healthy and tasty


大小: 4.2MB
版本: 1.0.6
最低操作系统: Android 2.1
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