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ARTEL Larsen

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  • Improve writing skill
  • Increase reading speed
  • Friendly competition
  • High frequency words


WordFun with WordStress.
Now in TOP 10 in Norwegian AppStore!
A fun toy for learners of English of any age or nationality. Compete with your friends or yourself.
Improve your reading and writing skills while having fun.

"Are you working on memory or reading skills? This app is for you! " Speech Time Fun review

"This is a great way for kids to work on memory skills. " - Simply Speech review

In WordStress you play with common English words. WordStress presents words and removes one or two letters. You hit the missing letters on the screen keyboard and and gain points for speed and accuracy.

You set your own speed and difficulty and can raise the stress as your skills improve to boost your score.

WordStress is based on a frequency list of the 5000 most used words in the English language, including the revised General Service List from 1995. The first 200 words cover 50% of everyday reading and writing, the first 1000 cover 75% and 5000 will cover 90%.

This means that by practising and playing with these words you will improve your reading speed and writing skills. You set your own speed and vocabulary size, and can compete with yourself or your friends.

The app is a fun and useful tool for learners of English as a first or second language, and will make you a faster reader and a better speller.

Highscores are saved when the app is closed and restarted.


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版本: 1.0.2
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