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"Town Musicians of Bremen" Famous Illustrated Storybooks 9


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  • "Read to Me (おはなしよんで)": This mode enables you to enjoy the story without pauses. The story will play automatically until the end. This highlights the attraction and appeal of each story and reveals why the story remains popular over time. At first, please let your child listen to the story without any pauses.
  • "Stop & Go (おはなしなあに)": The story can be paused using the "Stop & Go" mode. Please use this mode when reading along with your child or reading the story to your child. Places to pause the story have been pre-selected. These places make it easy to ask questions such as "What happens next?" or "Why did that happen?".
  • "Rec": You can record your own narration and add it to this book. The narration you recorded for each part will play back automatically.


The 9th series of picture books most suited for reading to someone!

We will offer your an electronic version of "Town Musicians of Bremen"!

This application is a series of digital picture books written only for this purpose by a picturebook writer who has published a number of picturebooks.

We will provide your kids with a lot of new experience, such as the pictures moving along with the story, professional narration, and tapping progression.

This application uses Japanese language for text and narration.
With the help of picture books, please develop your learning and acquire well balanced language skills.

Please share your time "smiling" with your kids in this picture book.


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