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BioIQ: Biology Picture Game

Clef Software Inc

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  • BioIQ is an easy and fun to play picture puzzle game. The objective of the game is to label a picture.
  • BioIQ comes with 11-levels (games). Games included are - Plant Cell, Heart, Frog, Eye, Animal Cell, and Kidney Human Body, Internal Organs, Ear, Skin, Skeleton, and Brain


Play BioIQ to have fun & learn biology. Science can be fun in this Picture Quiz.

Love or hate Biology? Doesn’t matter, you can have fun with Biology with the BioIQ game. Learn Biology,Review your knowledge and have a fun too.

It is easy & fun to play this picture game. The objective of the game is to label a picture. To play, just
a) Select a game you want to play by hitting the ‘Play’ button
b) Select one of 3 label choices and move it to the appropriate part of the image. If the label matches with the part, you WIN. If you get it wrong, just try again. A new label is unlocked when you get a label right, till you complete all labels in a level.

So, are you up for the challenge?

Games included are:

1: Plant Cell
Did you know that plant cell is the basic functional unit that makes up a plant eventually? A plant cell consists of numerous parts like chloroplast, cell wall, golgi, nucleus, mitochondrion and more.

2: Heart
Did you know that human heart starts beating on 21st day in our mothers’ womb? The fist-sized organ weighing 250-350 grams is responsible for the continuous blood circulation in the body. In this game, you can identify many parts including left& right atriums, left & right ventricles, aorta, pulmonary valve and more.

3: Frog
What did we study in first biology anatomy class? was it an amphibian? Frog!!! This awesome game will remind you of those ‘frog’ days. Play and identify cloaca, lungs, liver, gall bladder and more.

4: Eye
Our eyes look deceivingly simple, but it is so complex and beautiful. Did you know that human eye can recognize over 10 million different colors! Explore different parts like lens, cornea , sclera, choroid, iris, retina, central retinal artery & vein and more.

5: Animal cell
Cells are smallest living biological structure. Did you know, an adult human body is made up of 210 different cell types? Identify cilium, nucleus, nucleoplasm, perioxisomes, cytoplasm, ribosomes, lysosome and more.

6: Kidney
Kidneys are vital, as they work as a filter for our blood. They are responsible for creating & excreting urine from our bodies, and balance different parameters in blood such as electrolyte level, acid base balance, & they even regulate blood pressure! In this game identify cortex, papilla, ureter, medulla, interlobar artery and other parts & learn more about kidney.

7: Internal Organs of the Human Body
Cells make tissue, tissue makes organs and different organs together makes the human body work. Can you identify the major organs in a human body, such as the spleen, lungs, liver, gall bladder, kidney, small intestine, stomach and more.

8: Ear
We all know ears are for auditory purposes. But do you know they maintain balance and positioning of our body as well? Here you will know about the cochlea, eustachian tube, incus, tympanic membrane, and other parts of the ear.

9: Skin
Skin is the restless guard that is protecting our underlying structures and muscles, bones, ligaments and all the other organs. Do you know what this largest organ of our body is made of? Play this game and know instantly if your knowledge is more than skin-deep! Check out the different layers, sweat glands, sensory nerve endings, hair root, dermal papilla and more.

10: Skeleton
An adult human body consists of 206 bones to be exact and this game will give you a fine opportunity to learn human skeleton structure and its functions. Can you identify Carpals, Fermur, Sternum, Sacrum, Vertebrae and more?

11: Brain
Human brain is the magic box. Nobody fully knows yet how it works and it would require studying for all through your life to know it all!. You will have to identify Cerebellum, Pons , Cerebral Cortex, Hypothalamus and many more parts.

Whether you are student, teacher, or simply interested in biology - this game is for you! Enhance your knowledge and have fun too. Play it now.


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