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  • 获取当前或最近运行的任务信息:任务缩略图、任务中运行的活动等。
  • 使用所有其他应用顶端的“TYPE_SYSTEM_ALERT”类型来打开窗口

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  • Contact Owner and Emergency Contact information over your secure lock screen
  • Color Customization
  • Works with all stock lock screens


Secure lock screens are great for privacy but they can also work against you in case your phone is lost or if you get yourself in an emergency situation.

misHaps gives you a way to display your contact information for whomever finds your phone as well as those of a person to reach in case of emergency, all while keeping the device securely locked.

misHaps is designed to be as non intrusive as possible. It will only show the above information if your device is locked and after a delay that you can set in the preferences. Adjust this delay to work best with your screen timeout settings and your phone usage habits.

misHaps is tested with your device’s stock lock screens. It will not work as intended with replacement lock screens.

Required Permission Explanation

Read phone state and identity: Required for misHaps to detect that the screen was turned on due to the phone ringing. The misHaps screen will not be shown in this case

Display System Level Alerts: Required for misHaps screen to display over the lockscreen

Retrieve running applications: Required for avoiding conflicts with other activities that can wake up the phone such as alarms and reminders

Automatically start at boot: Required for enabling the misHaps screen to display right after the device is restarted. This is critical in cases where the device is found with an empty battery or simply turned off


大小: 770.9KB
版本: 1.1.5
应用程序权限: ( 帮助我理解权限的意思 )
  • 获取当前或最近运行的任务信息:任务缩略图、任务中运行的活动等。
  • 使用所有其他应用顶端的“TYPE_SYSTEM_ALERT”类型来打开窗口
  • 接收操作系统已完成启动的通知
  • 读取手机状态
最低操作系统: Android 2.2
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James D. Laurie
4.0 颗星,最多 5 颗星Fantastic app for Android phone, not for Kindle Fire
2012年10月7日 - 已在美国亚马逊上发表