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Molly Moccasins -- Good Morning Nature

Urban Fox Studios

定价: ¥ 9.00
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支持的语言: 英文


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1.0.11 版本的新功能
  • Read Aloud and Highlighting



  • animated story with play-all and swipe page features
  • voice over narration (with on/off button)
  • two picture puzzles (with three levels of difficulty each)
  • story-related fun facts
  • story-related activity page (engaging young adventurers in the world around them)
  • text highlighting
  • colorful illustrations
  • literacy development for children


Molly Moccasins is a new kind of book series encouraging all young adventurers to read, play, think, investigate and imagine in their everyday lives while supporting early learning and literacy development. Within each story, Molly’s toes tingle in her special moccasins inspiring adventure and reminding her that, “a curious mind is never bored.”

In this story, Molly’s grandmother wakes her up very early one day to experience nature waking up. On their delightful walk past all of the beautiful morning activity, Molly discovers that just like people, nature wakes up too!

The creators of Molly Moccasins are dedicated to helping children around the globe so, for each story purchased, a story will be given to a child in need—story for story.


大小: 20.2MB
版本: 1.0.11
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