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Your Child's Social Health

Darren Gates

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  • A collection of surveys for social health concerns
  • Geared toward young adults, teens, and pre-teens
  • Ask the right questions and start finding answers


This is a collection of useful surveys and assessments common in psychology and sociology for an abundance of social health concerns. Questions and results are derived straight textbooks for therapists and psychologists.

Special features of this application include the ability to save results, and the ability to share results (for example, with your family doctor via email). Sharing and saving of information is optional: the system does not automatically save any user content, for privacy and security reasons.

An assessment is just a series of questions designed to give an initial, objective view of a patient's circumstance. It is not intended to be an in-depth analysis of a patient's condition. For that, please consult with your doctor directly.

This app contains assessments from Alcohol related problems, to eating disorders, cell phone addiction, debt, abusive realationships, depression and much, much more.


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