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Good Character (Donate)

VG Web Solutions

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支持的语言: 英文

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  • Browse Joyo Kanji characters for all grade levels
  • Filter characters according to stroke count, grade level, radical, and Onyomi or Kunyomi
  • Search for character by drawing the character, or based on its phonetic or English translation
  • View detailed data for each Kanji character including strokes, radical, phonetic, and readings
  • Practice drawing Kanji characters


Good Character (Donate) is a quick, easy-to-use Japanese Kanji reference app for your Android device. Designed with beginners in mind, Good Character (Donate) is a handy tool to have when you're unsure what a Kanji character means, or wish to figure out the Knaji character equivalent for an English word. Packed with features, Good Character (Donate) presents hundreds of Joyo Kanji characters covering all grade levels. With its handy filters, searching, and practicing options, Good Character (Donate) is a must-have Kanji character referencing tool if you're studying or simply interested in learning Kanji characters.


大小: 18.2MB
版本: 1.2.7
最低操作系统: Android 1.6
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