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“Finding Mr. Write: A New Slant on Selecting the Perfect Mate (English Edition)”,作者:[Beverley East]
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Finding Mr. Write: A New Slant on Selecting the Perfect Mate (English Edition) Kindle电子书

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"Written in clear, easy language, and ripe to readiness with hints and tips, Finding Mr. Write is a stimulating companion for anyone whose quest to find true love has been repetitive, boring, disappointing, treacherous, predictable, or bland. As wise as an aunt, as honest as a sister-friend, Finding Mr. Write is more than a book. It is an ode to the truth."
--From the Foreword by Colin Channer, author of Waiting in Vain

"This is a sensitive, practical approach to finding your soul mate. It does not preclude romance, fun, or spontaneity. The wisdom Beverley East passes on to her readers should help assure that love blooms in fertile soil."
--Patrice Gaines, author of Laughing in the Dark and Moments of Grace

"Leading graphologist Beverley East tells us what handwriting reveals and offers women another tool for finding love and fulfillment."
--Bebe Moore Campbell, author of Singing in the Comeback Choir, Brothers and Sisters, and Your Blues Ain't Like Mine --此文字指其他 kindle_edition 版本。



While a large part of my work as a graphologist consists of consulting with professionals seeking to enhance their personal growth, as well as corporations, by far the most common inquiries I receive concern the area of relationships. The scenario is almost always the same.

After a speaking engagement or serminar on handwriting analysis, women rush up to me and thrust small pieces of paper into my hand. With a great sense of urgency in their voices, they invariably ask, "What can you tell me about this man?"-usually requesting information about a partner or potential partner, a spouse or their latest beau.

I decline such requests, first because the writing sample is usually insufficient (i.e., a name scribbled with a phone number, or a postcard message), and second because the owner of the sample deserves some level of privacy.

While I cannot ethically conduct such instant analyses during my public appearances, there is clearly a need to address the growing interest in handwriting and relationships. There have been many books written for the lovelorn, and now graphology may well be poised to become the millennium-era determinant of compatibility and those factors that serve as valuable indicators of the success or failure of a relationship.

Of course, there are numerous books in print on the fascinating subject of graphology, so I never thought there was a need for another. This book, however, invites you to look at simple characteristics of handwriting that can identify what makes your partner tick. It can help you cut to the chase and get to the point. The answers to your questions are in your partner's most powerful organ-his brain. Why? Because handwriting is brain writing. Everything you need to know about your partner is in his pen strokes. How he crosses his A and dots his i's, his slant, his stroke, his pressure, and the size of his writing all reveal who he really is.

What makes Finding Mr. Write so different from a mere textbook approach, however, is that the book is based on my own personal testimony of what has worked well for me over the past 13 years both within my relationship and as a practicing graphologist. I wanted to share this amazing and unique method with you. Having my husband analyzed was one of the best decisions I made in my life. (It's up there with having my son, and changing my career to become a graphologist.) It gave me a jump start into my relationship with him.

I had a lot of fun when I was single, but over the years, my single friends have constantly informed me of how the dating game has become a hassle rather than a joy. So I wanted to prepare this guide to assist those who are jaded from the dating scene. It is written in simple, nontechnical language with easy-to-understand illustrations. Finally, I have combined this fascinating science with art in the form of poems, and anecdotes that may help you to remember some of the principles of graphology.

The book is divided into twelve hours of the day. As time is so crucial to all of us, I have given each area of interest a specific hour. There is no need to read the entire book (although I believe there is enough in each hour to capture your attention). Whatever you are searching for in your partner, just turn to the time of day that represents that characteristic. For example, if you are interested in his intellectual ability, turn to the eighth hour. If you are interested in what motivates him, turn to the seventh hour, and if you are interested in his sexual ability, race to the ninth hour-where you will also find the results of a survey in which more than five hundred men were interviewed to provide an informed view of what men really want from women.

I begin by addressing the number-one question: "Can I trust him?" In this hour there are handwriting samples of the good guys, the gay guys, and the sex offenders. If after reading this hour you find more than three negative characteristics in your partner's handwriting, you may consider not taking the relationship any further. There are even tips on how to bow out gracefully.

I then move on to the big picture-analyzing the presentation of the handwriting on the page (e.g., line spacing, margins). This reveals a whole image of his personality. Other hours of the day include a discussion of his ego, how he communicates, what his signature says, and how sociable he is. Answers to many of the burning questions you may wish to ask on your first date, but know you can't, can be discovered in these pages: Does he do drugs? Is he gay? Is he sensitive? Does he have a temper? There is also a quiz to help you prepare for your first handwriting profile-an introduction and yourself, through your own handwriting.

The eleventh hour celebrates those who have passed "the seven-year itch." The couples in this hour represent a cross section of different nationalities, ages, and orientations, including three gay couples. The longevity of their marriages/relationships spans from eight to sixty-four years-giving us hope that it can be done. If you are short on time, the quick-reference guide at the back can assist you in looking up individual letters. Later, you can turn to the pages that presents more detail on the particular trait you are interested in.

The book encourages the reader to think about her own life purpose, through a self-testing exercise at the back of the book. It challenges her to realize what her needs are and to identify clearly the role she wants her partner to play in her life.

By the end of this book, you will have a better understanding of yourself and your partner. I hope it will assist you in making better choices in finding "Mr. Write." Personalities are complex and so are relationships, so don't expect this book to be a quick fix for all your problems. You will have to continue to work on yourself and your relationship. Remember that relationships are ongoing commitments. As we evolve and grow within ourselves, so will our relationships take different turns at different stages of our lives. This book invites you to consider seriously what you want for yourself and in your soul mate.

But first, we need to know what makes you tick. What are your strengths and weaknesses? What do you want in your ideal partner? Too often we are searching aimlessly. When you know who you are and what you want, the search becomes easier. Then you can go full-speed ahead to find Mr. Write. The search does not have to be heart wrenching or time consuming.

A strong relationship can enhance productivity in our careers and in our personal lives. When we are happy in our personal lives we can benefit and prosper in our professional lives also, moving forward with pep in our step, a smile on our faces, and a new attitude in our hearts.

You do not want to spend too much time with the wrong person. You do not have the time to waste, especially if you are a fast-track career person or a student. No matter what your single status (recently divorced and just stepping out, widowed, or looking to marry for the first time), this book can help you to achieve more successful partnering. --此文字指其他 kindle_edition 版本。


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