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“Integrity: The Courage to Meet the Demands of Reality (English Edition)”,作者:[Henry Cloud]

Integrity: The Courage to Meet the Demands of Reality (English Edition) Kindle电子书

5.0 颗星,最多 5 颗星 1 星级
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From Publishers Weekly

For Cloud, an author, clinical psychologist and corporate consultant, integrity is more than just a person's ethics and morals. The French and Latin meanings of the word hint at its origins, "that the whole thing is working well, undivided, integrated, intact and uncorrupted." Achieving this "wholeness" requires the development of six character traits (creates trust, unafraid of reality, results-oriented, solves "negative realities," causes growth and finds meaning in life) which Cloud examines in great detail, using business stories like Proctor and Gamble's success in China and the experiences of his CEO friends and clients. What each of his stories has in common is how success, often wild success across multiple fields, is fueled by openness, honesty to one's self and to others and "true trust," which is borne out of someone's goodness not being "dependent on anything." Cloud's conversational writing style makes for an easy read, and much of his advice is sound if not groundbreaking, but some aphorisms come off as hokey. ("Things never work. When they don't, that is the time to make them work. Then, if you do, they work," or "Character = the ability to meet the demands of reality," which is not to be confused with integrity, the courage to meet those same demands.) This book is not for the person seeking a quick-fix; Cloud's breed of integrity is a lifestyle choice.
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From the Back Cover

In this path-breaking book, Dr. Henry Cloud shows what integrity is, how it is lived in everyday experience, and what one must do to determine whether you are perceived as someone with character and integrity.

Central to question of integrity is whether a person has the courage to face up to reality. Cloud shows how the ability to address adversity, to learn lessons from it, and adjust one’s behavior is a greater determinant of success than brains or talent or charm.

He shows that successful leaders have competencies, alliances and, most important, character. Then he examines exactly what behaviors constitute character and how they are expressed in real life situations.

Assessing and building the six essential qualities of character is the goal of this book. It will be used widely by a range of people because the things he identifies apply equally across regions, cultures and classes.
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Dr. Henry Cloud is a consultant and clinical psychologist with a leadership consulting practice headquartered in Los Angeles. An international speaker, he is the coauthor of the bestselling Boundaries, Integrity, 9 Things You Simply Must Do, and several other titles. He has been a frequent television and radio commentator and guest.

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  • ASIN ‏ : ‎ B000UOJTSK
  • 出版社 ‏ : ‎ HarperCollins e-books; 第 Reprint 版 (2009年10月13日)
  • 出版日期 ‏ : ‎ 2009年10月13日
  • 语言 ‏ : ‎ 英语
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5.0 颗星,最多 5 颗星
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美国亚马逊: 4.6 颗星,最多 5 颗星 240 条评论
Amazon Customer
5.0 颗星,最多 5 颗星 Change your life and that of those you lead and love
2017年3月20日 - 已在美国亚马逊上发表
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Amazon Customer
5.0 颗星,最多 5 颗星 Fantastic read!
2020年4月15日 - 已在美国亚马逊上发表
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5.0 颗星,最多 5 颗星 another excellent Dr. Cloud book
2021年10月20日 - 已在美国亚马逊上发表
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5.0 颗星,最多 5 颗星 Excellent!!
2019年8月24日 - 已在美国亚马逊上发表
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5.0 颗星,最多 5 颗星 I would highly recommend both the book and the principles that are taught ...
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