HP 惠普 10A (Q2610A) 黑色 原装硒鼓 适用于 HP Laserjet 2300
HP 10A (Q2610A) Schwarz Original Toner für HP Laserjet 2300

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  • 原装 HP 硒鼓: 一流的打印质量,高可靠性,操作简单
  • 有效范围:约 6000页(实际范围取决于基于ISO/IEC 19752的打印页面覆盖范围)。
  • 与HP Laserjet 2300(Q2472A)兼容
  • 保护自己免受劣质仿冒品(兼容墨盒),仅购买原装 HP 硒鼓带有 HP *标签的包装。
  • 供货范围:HP 10A 原装激光打印硒鼓(Q6210A)黑色,打印盒;回收说明
    • Original HP Toner: Erstklassige Druckqualität, hohe Zuverlässigkeit und einfache Handhabung
    • Reichweite: ca. 6.000 Seiten (Tatsächliche Reichweite ist abhängig vom Deckungsgrad der gedruckten Seiten basierend auf ISO/IEC 19752)
    • Kompatibel mit HP Laserjet 2300 (Q2472A)
    • Schützen Sie sich vor minderwertigen Fälschungen (kompatible Toner) und kaufen Sie nur original verpackte HP Toner mit HP Sicherheitsettikett auf der Verpackung
    • Lieferumfang: HP 10A Original Laserjet Tonerkartusche (Q6210A) schwarz, Druckkassette; Recycling-Anleitung





HP 惠普 10A (Q2610A) 黑色 原装硒鼓 适用于 HP Laserjet 2300



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原装 - 更高的可靠性,降低成本
原装 HP LaserJet 硒鼓,确保您所需的可靠性和高品质。 在测试中遇到超过 50% 的替代品牌墨盒的问题,而原装 HP 硒鼓从第一页到最后一页都能正常工作。
使用 HP Planet Partners 免费回收

HP Planet Partners 计划为企业和个人提供免费、舒适、环保的方法,可回收空的原装 HP 硒鼓和墨盒,并回收。 有关程序和预收紧的镀锌贴标签、信封和包装箱的更多信息,请访问 HP 主页 "Lecing for Product Recycling of Me"。
完美匹配 - 墨水、碳粉和打印机 HP 原装墨水、碳粉和 HP 打印机均受共同的产品开发,仅需保证耗材和硬件完美地协调,并无干扰地提供优质服务。 在开发时, 可靠性、打印质量、低环境影响以及操作性以及突出的标准。




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1.0 颗星,最多 5 颗星 Beware Grey Market Rip-Offs
2013年9月19日 - 已在美国亚马逊上发表
1.0 颗星,最多 5 颗星 Beware Grey Market Rip-Offs
评论于 2013年9月19日 在美国 🇺🇸 发布
I bought a HP 10A laser cartridge from one of the Amazon marketplace sellers that shipped via Amazon prime.

What I got was a cartridge that produced printouts with blotches and horizontal lines all over the page. A closer examination of the box showed that it had a date code from 2007, a hologram style that is several versions old, and a color scheme that does not match the picture in the Amazon listing. Yeah this cartridge was unused and in a sealed box, but selling a nearly 6-year old cartridge as "New"? That is a bit much. You can read on the HP web site that the shelf life is 2.5 years for unopened cartridges, and 6 months for cartridges that are open.

This has been a monumental waste of time. Now I am stuck with $100+ being held hostage while my expired and defective 10A cartridge is being returned.

So please learn from my mistakes. Here is some advice:
1) Beware sellers that have disclaimers that their product has a different color scheme than the listing.
2) Be sure to check the date code on the box when you receive your order.
3) Visit the HP web site devote to cartridge piracy - you can find full descriptions of the HP holographic seals (and you might find out that your cartridge was not intended to be sold in the country you bought it in)
4) Note that even sellers that ship from Amazon via Amazon Prime can be selling you out of date garbage.

Say, maybe paying $150 at your local office supply store for a HP 10A does not sound so bad after all. You can see the box, read the date, and there is a good chance your cartridge will work as expected.

Good luck with your purchases.

Update 9-21-2013
I purchased a second HP 10A cartridge from Amazon after returning my first one. This time I selected a vendor that had an incredible five-star 100% positive rating for several thousand sales. I paid more money thinking I might actually get the cartridge that was pictured in the product description. I was wrong.

What I got was another expired HP 10A cartridge with old-style packaging. This time the cartridge was from 2011 - a whopping 3+ years newer than my original purchase, but still expired by the HP 2.5 year standard.

The 2011 cartridge seems to work well enough to keep - I do not want to repeat the hassle of a return like the first one. Still, I think it is unfair for vendors to sell known expired items as "New".

All I want to do is buy the item that is pictured at a decent Amazon price. I know I can go to my local office supply store and buy the exact item depicted in the Amazon listing. The box will match, the cartridge will be manufactured in 2013, and there will be no installation or return headaches.

I have uploaded several photos that show what the old-style boxes, date codes, and holographic seals look like. If you receive an expired laser cartridge I recommend you give the vendor negative feedback regardless of whether the cartridge works in your printer. These things should not be sold as "New".

Update 3-11-2015
Here I am again 18 months later repeating history with yet another wildly expired HP 10A cartridge I bought on Amazon. The cartridge I purchased in 9/2013 is about kaput after printing only 4700 pages. At this point, there is no doubt in my mind that years-expired cartridges do not perform nearly as well as new ones.

So like a dummy I bought yet another HP 10 cartridge from one of the marketplace vendors with a good rating that was fulfilled by amazon. This time I got a cartridge with a manufacture date code of April 2005 – nearly 10 years old! It is absolutely ridiculous that this cartridge was sold as new on Amazon. I refuse to load it into my printer for fear it will hurt the mechanism.

Here I am stuck shipping the thing back for a refund. That $150 new cartridge from my big box office supply store is looking better and better. I would gladly buy a new one from Amazon, but apparently that is not possible.

Good luck with your purchases.
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David Palmer
1.0 颗星,最多 5 颗星 "New" should mean NEW (!), not "OLD but never opened:"
2017年6月14日 - 已在美国亚马逊上发表
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Patricia A. Keimig
1.0 颗星,最多 5 颗星 Use it or lose it
2015年6月14日 - 已在美国亚马逊上发表
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Foster Family
1.0 颗星,最多 5 颗星 Old toner
2021年12月6日 - 已在美国亚马逊上发表
Amazon Customer
1.0 颗星,最多 5 颗星 DO NOT BUY!!! These are OLD and WORTHLESS!
2022年4月12日 - 已在美国亚马逊上发表
Amazon Customer
1.0 颗星,最多 5 颗星 DO NOT BUY!!! These are OLD and WORTHLESS!
评论于 2022年4月11日 在美国 🇺🇸 发布
These cartridges are OLD! From 2007!! Yes, they are unused but expired! The toner FALLS out of the end, making a huge mess! The print quality is awful! Either too light to barely read or dumping toner all over the page, most times leaving dark streaks down the page. DO NOT BUY!!! I was taken for almost $500!
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