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Eucerin Q10 Anti-Wrinkle Sensitive Skin Lotion, SPF 15, 4 Ounce

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4 Fluid Ounce
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  • Formulated with coenzyme Q10, antioxidant Vitamin E and sunscreen, it helps provide healthy looking skin.
  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles within 5 weeks
  • Moisturizes for softer, smoother skin
  • SPF 15 helps prevent sunburn
  • Can be used alone or under make-up.
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  • Eucerin Q10 Anti-Wrinkle Sensitive Skin Lotion, SPF 15, 4 Ounce
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  • Eucerin 优色林 敏感肌肤专家Q10抗皱面霜1.7盎司(48g)
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大小:4 Fluid Ounce

A gentle, way to reduce visibly the look of fine lines and wrinkles in as little as 5 weeks. Many anti-wrinkle lotions aren’t recommended for dry, sensitive skin because they contain ingredients that can irritate. Eucerin Q10 Anti-Wrinkle Sensitive Skin Lotion SPF 15 offers an effective alternative. Eucerin Q10 Anti-Wrinkle Face Lotion SPF 15, is a gentle way to reduce the look of wrinkles and the signs of aging. With the added benefit of SPF 15, it helps protect the skin against damage caused by sunburn Eucerin Skin Science that Shows For over 100 years, Eucerin has pioneered skincare innovation, and today we are recognized and trusted by dermatologists as one of the leading and most recommended brands. Our products are designed to protect, repair, and enhance the health of skin - giving you and your family the feeling of confidence that comes from radiant, healthy looking skin.


大小: 4 Fluid Ounce
  • 商品尺寸: 5.1 x 5.1 x 5.1 cm
  • 商品重量: 200 g
  • 发货重量: 159 g
  • ASIN: B00005B9FV
  • 型号: hfs-koi-zk-a8479
  • 厂商推荐适用年龄: 6 个月以上
  • 用户评分: 平均 4.0 星 2 条商品评论
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5.0 颗星,最多 5 颗星Great lotion but I haven't noticed a difference between this one and the non-Q10 lotion.
于 2015年1月20日 - 已在美国亚马逊上发表
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4.0 颗星,最多 5 颗星Goes on light!
于 2016年7月14日 - 已在美国亚马逊上发表
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5.0 颗星,最多 5 颗星A great face lotion.
于 2015年12月6日 - 已在美国亚马逊上发表
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5.0 颗星,最多 5 颗星I LOVE this product
于 2016年8月14日 - 已在美国亚马逊上发表
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5.0 颗星,最多 5 颗星Excellent moisturizer. Thin consistency and absorbs quickly
于 2017年10月29日 - 已在美国亚马逊上发表
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