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Agile Data Warehousing for the Enterprise: A Guide for Solution Architects and Project Leaders (英语) 平装 – 2015年10月22日

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  • 出版社: Morgan Kaufmann; 1 (2015年10月22日)
  • 平装: 562页
  • 语种: 英语
  • ISBN: 9780123964649
  • 条形码: 9780123964649
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"Agile Data Warehousing, as outlined in Ralph’s multiple books, has transformed the way our BI team manages projects.  In just two years, we are delivering releases in iterations three times more frequently on five times the number of concurrent projects, while improving application quality and the enterprise nature of our solutions." --Mark Giesbrecht, Senior Manager, Business Intelligence, major Canadian railroad

"Agile Data Warehouse for the Enterprise is a must read for any data professional tasked with delivering enterprise reporting and analytics in the nimble, speed-to-value environment that we find ourselves today.  It marries agile methodology with data warehousing best practices to create a blueprint to deliver value fast." --Nik Green, Director of Business Intelligence for multi-billion dollar food retailer

"This comprehensive guide provides a solid and complete foundation for agile EDW development including revolutionary new paradigms.  I especially like the ‘out of the box’ thinking, practicality of the techniques, and the research and case studies backing up the validity of the proposed approaches.  Recommend reading for all DW/BI technical leaders." --Len Silverston, CEO of Universal Data Models and author of the Data Model Resource Book series

"If you’re still programming data warehouses by hand, you're wasting 90 percent of your time and money.  Ralph’s guide for project leaders not only outlines the automated, metadata-driven development we've been practicing for years in the Netherlands, but also links that practice to agile requirements, coding, and quality assurance.  It is a unique book, a must read." --Ronald Damhof, DW/BI Consultant to the Dutch Central Bank

"The industry has struggled to bring the mechanics and benefits of Agile to the data warehousing and business intelligence communities. Ralph’s works in this area is timely and important to assist in driving success within your enterprise and project teams. Following the guidance found in this book will help you deliver value at a rapid pace." --Tom Hammergren, President of Balanced Insight and author of Data Warehousing: Building the Corporate Knowledge Base

"Ralph has customized the agile development methodology for the unique needs of business intelligence.  My project teams were able to quickly understand and apply his approach without losing time to adapting generic Scrum techniques to the rigors of data integration and analytics." --Ron Lewis, program manager at a Fortune 1000 financial services company

"As a friend of Ralph and fellow Agile DW/BI author, I am very excited about this book. Ralph’s extensive research into what works; his hands-on application of those techniques; and his well-organized method of presenting information, are combined in this game changing book for data warehouse practitioners seeking greater agility." --Ken Collier PhD, author of Agile Analytics, Addison-Wesley, 2011

"This book presents a thorough approach to building quality into enterprise data warehouses, mitigating risk by applying proven models for testing, and detailing alternatives so that you can experiment to find the alternatives that work best for your team. These aren’t  mere off the cuff ideas, but proven techniques to overcoming the huge challenges of EDW by applying agile principles, illustrated with stories from the trenches." --Lisa Crispin, Co-Author of More Agile Testing: Learning Journeys for the Whole Team, and Agile Testing: A Practical Guide for Testers and Agile Teams

"“Ralph’s notion of ‘80/20 specifications’ for data warehousing projects really worked, saving our business partners the pain of doing an exhaustive requirements specification up-front.  This approach got the team developing the most important features first, letting the product owner fill in details on topics as each one came up during development." --Naveen Thalanki, Project Manager for a Fortune 500 company

"Agile Data Warehousing for the Enterprise is a “how to” book with innovative method and process components such as hyper data modeling and an iterative sub-release value cycle.  Ralph provides a clear outline of the concepts, methods, and frameworks you'll need to assemble a world-class BI/DW program of your own." --Hans Hultgren, author of Modeling the Agile Data Warehouse with Data Vault and BI/DW industry advisor

"One of TDWI’s most popular faculty members, Ralph packs this book with detailed direction and experience-driven insights about how to overcome the most challenging aspects of agile for business intelligence and data warehousing applications.  He has become an important thought leader for organizations seeking to increase the agility, quality, and ROI of their BI/DW programs." --David Stodder, Director of Research for Business Intelligence, The Data Warehousing Institute

"Ralph's book goes way beyond just agile programming―it illustrates an iterative approach to the full development life cycle and is particularly relevant to issues of data quality that we focus on at DAMA.  The hyper modeling techniques in particular will allow teams to avoid the death trap of producing big, risky application designs up-front before a project's requirements are fully known." -- Ken Dunn, President of DAMA’s Houston chapter

"Agile techniques and Ralph’s adaptations for enterprise data warehousing have dramatically improved our ability to understand business needs and to then plan, track, and deliver upon those needs for large and small projects. This book provides a thorough treatment of the vital leadership practices for agile projects including requirements, architecture, and quality assurance." -- Richard Tench, Manager, Information Delivery, major Canadian insurance company


Ralph Hughes, former DW/BI practice manager for a leading global systems integrator, has led numerous BI programs and projects for Fortune 500 companies in aerospace, government, telecom, and pharmaceuticals. A certified Scrum Master and a PMI Project Management Professional, he began developing an agile method for data warehouse 15 years ago, and was the first to publish books on the iterative solutions for business intelligence projects. He is a veteran trainer with the world's leading data warehouse institute and has instructed or coached over 1,000 BI professionals worldwide in the discipline of incremental delivery of large data management systems.

A frequent keynote speaker at business intelligence and data management events, he serves as a judge on emerging technologies award panels and program advisory committees of advanced technology conferences. He holds BA and MA degrees from Stanford University where he studied computer modeling and econometric forecasting. A co-inventor of Zuzena, the automated testing engine for data warehouses, he serves as Chief Systems Architect for Ceregenics and consults on agile projects internationally.





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