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The VES Handbook of Visual Effects: Industry Standard VFX Practices and Procedures (英语) 平装 – 2010年7月22日

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  • 出版社: Focal Press; 1 (2010年7月22日)
  • 外文书名: VES视觉效果手册:行业标准的VFX做法及程序
  • 平装: 960页
  • 语种: 英语
  • ISBN: 0240812425
  • 条形码: 9780240812427
  • 商品尺寸: 24.4 x 19 x 3.8 cm
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  • ASIN: 0240812425
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"The VES Handbook of Visual Effects offers a fine technical reference for any college-level collection strong in media technology. It surveys visual effects techniques and best practices learned from both research and practical applications, covering techniques for all VFX artists and producers and applying technical knowledge to industry standards. A 'must' for any involved in any aspect of visual effects production."---BookWatch


JEFFREY A. OKUN has just completed the visual effects work on the 20th Century Fox's, The Day The Earth Stood Still Jeff was charged with creating invisible effects for the film, for which he was nominated for his 3rd Visual Effects Society award. The mission statement for this project was, 'If the audience sees a visual effect then we have ruined the film' - which is pretty difficult when you consider that spaceships, aliens, giant robots and nanotech killer insects were required for the project. The over 500 visual effects for this feature film include virtual characters, set extensions, full 3D photorealistic sequences, traditional matte paintings and creating spectacular action 'beats' that propel the story forward. Additionally Jeff employed science fact based CGI flocking systems based on chaos theory. Okun is known for creating 'organic' and invisible effects, as well as spectacular 'tent-pole' visual effects that blend seamlessly into the storytelling aspect of the project. "I feel that my job is not to showcase what can be done with the technology but to serve the story above all else." Okun has also worked on wide-ranging effects as seen in such award winning films as BLOOD DIAMOND, THE LAST SAMURAI, STARGATE, SPHERE, RED PLANET, DEEP BLUE SEA, LOLITA, and THE LAST STARFIGHTER. (For a full list of credits please refer to his CV.) His credits also include ground breaking music videos from such varied artists as Sting, The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Janet Jackson, Wayne Newton, Bryan Adams, Amy Grant, Dolly Parton, Prince, Michael Jackson, the Neville Brothers and Rod Stewart. Additionally Jeff created visual effects tracking and bidding software that is in wide use within the industry, as well as the revolutionary visual effects technique dubbed the "PeriWinkle Effect" and the "Pencil Effect", which has been used in many projects to help achieve more a realistic sense of danger and more accurate budgets. Jeff is the Chair of the Visual Effects Society, and also served as chair of the VES Awards Committee, having spear-headed the creation of the Awards. He is a respected member of the Visual Effects Branch of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences, the Academy of Television Arts and Science and BAFTA. He is currently editing the VES Handbook of Visual Effects, due to be published in early 2010.

Ms. Zwerman is a highly respected Visual Effects Producer with an outstanding record of accomplishments in film production and visual effects. She began her career in film in New York, where she quickly rose through the ranks from Production Assistant to Assistant Director and Unit Production Manager in both films and commercials. She won a Grammy Award for "Best Concept Music Video" for producing the music video I'm Fat, starring Weird Al Yankovic. After moving to Hollywood she worked for several years as UPM and Post-Production Manager before making the leap to VFX Producer on the film Tall Tale. Since then, her credit has appeared on a successsion of high-profile feature motion pictures such as The Guardian, Men of Honor, Alien Resurrection, and Broken Arrow. She is a member of the Directors Guild of America, the Producers Guild of America, and the Visual Effects Society. She is very active in these organizations: Chairperson of the Directors Guild of America's AD/UPM VFX/Digital Technology Committee (DGA); a board member of the Producers Guild of America's New Media Council (PGA); and Chair of the Visual Effects Society's Special Projects(VES). Over the past ten years she has planned and hosted numerous technology and visual effects seminars for these organizations and was honored with a Directors Guild of America Honor Plaque for extraordinary service to the guild's Technology Council. She continues to share her knowledge by leading VFX seminars at universities and film schools, teaching visual effects techniques to young professionals just entering the entertainment industry


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美国亚马逊: 平均4.6 星 21 条评论
平均5.0 星 Very good reference 2014年3月12日
评论者 G. Stapleton - 已在美国亚马逊上发表
版本: 平装 已确认购买
Well, I don't really consider this a how to book (which I was kinda hoping for). But going through it, I see its a great reference resource. If you are a student, a novice or some sort of historian on the visual effects industry this is the book for you. A bit of history along with some pretty good explanation of how it's used today and some examples of movies whatever that technique was used in. One thing I thought of while reading this was that if you were interviewing for some sort of position in the industry, this book is great on getting you up to speed with the language. You will really be able to talk to the talk by studying aspects of this book. Maybe even some principles the person interviewing does not know or have forgotten. This along with a great demo reel or resume will definitely impress the person sitting across the desk.
3/3 人认为此评论有用
平均5.0 星 The Best VFX Process Book Ever 2010年10月3日
评论者 Evan Jacobs - 已在美国亚马逊上发表
版本: 平装 已确认购买
This book provides a very thorough, in depth look at the creation of visual effects for the entertainment industry. I have a comprehensive collection of books on the subject of visual effects and I can tell you that this book provides the most detailed descriptions of the various tools of the trade I've ever seen. It's an extraordinary undertaking and the Visual Effects Society has done an excellent job. This is not a book geared toward fans as much as film industry professionals. It's structured as a collection of articles by top industry pros about various areas of visual effects production. This is a must for anyone working in the VFX industry or aspiring to do so.
9/9 人认为此评论有用
平均5.0 星 Industry Standard Indeed 2010年7月23日
评论者 Sean Devereaux - 已在美国亚马逊上发表
版本: 平装 已确认购买
Phenomenal collection of modern day procedures and "tricks" used in visual effects. There is no other single source available that covers our art and techniques more completely. The only way to acquire all this knowledge on your own would be decades experience. I highly recommend this book.
平均5.0 星 Epic work 2014年3月26日
评论者 Nicolas Valencia - 已在美国亚马逊上发表
版本: 平装 已确认购买
I had a pleasure to work with Susan Zwerman.
She is a fantastic person with big heart and passion in work.

This book is a must have for everyone in the industry.
From beginners to professionals. It is always on my table. I use it when I'm giving classes.

Highly recommended!