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Getting Started with Beaglebone: Linux-Powered Electronic Projects with Python and JavaScript (英语) 平装 – 2013年10月15日

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  • Getting Started with Beaglebone: Linux-Powered Electronic Projects with Python and JavaScript
  • +
  • Programming the BeagleBone Black: Getting Started with JavaScript and BoneScript
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  • iPhone/iPad/Mac
  • Android手机或平板电脑



  • 出版社: Maker Media (2013年10月15日)
  • 平装: 142页
  • 语种: 英语
  • ISBN: 1449345379
  • 条形码: 9781449345372
  • 商品尺寸: 14 x 0.7 x 21.6 cm
  • 商品重量: 177 g
  • ASIN: 1449345379
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Matt Richardson is a Brooklyn-based creative technologist and video producer. He's a contributor to MAKE magazine and Makezine.com. Matt is also the owner of Awesome Button Studios, a technology consultancy. Highlights from his work include the Descriptive Camera, a camera which outputs a text description of a scene instead of a photo. He also created The Enough Already, a DIY celebrity-silencing device. Matt's work has garnered attention from The New York Times, Wired, New York Magazine and has also been featured at The Nevada Museum of Art and at the Santorini Bienniele. He is currently a Master's candidate at New York University's Interactive Telecommunications Program.



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美国亚马逊: 平均4.2 星 59 条评论
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平均4.0 星 There is only one thing that really bothers me 2013年12月7日
评论者 A2life - 已在美国亚马逊上发表
版本: 平装 已确认购买
This book is an introduction to both programming and electric toying of this powerful development board.
Linux platform is well equipped to the point even bash shell scripting can be used to do a decent hardware hacking control. I believe targeted audience is a weekend hacker and not serious C/C++ programmer. If that is a case, this books serves its target audience well.

There is only one thing that really bothers me.

Following a tradition of Raspberry Pi and Arduino , the first physical demonstration of the board is made on how to turn LED on.
Matt tells us to use 100 ohm resistor in series of LED. the GPIO pin is set up to source the current. With 3.3V output and 100 ohm resistor with LED Vf of about 1.8V, the resulting current will be around 15mA. This is OK for LED that is usually rated for 20 mA but appears to be way over the spec'ed source current of 4mA for this TI SOC. The setup does work (I did try it) and did not destroy my beaglebone but this is probably because the TI chip's design margin and not the GPIOs intended usage. Therefore I would not follow this if I were to use more than a single LED in the same fashion. Adafruit.com's tutorial (written by Simon Monk) recommends the use of 470 ohm resistor instead and warns against the use of lesser value resistor because "it could burn your beaglebone". Derek Molloy's youtube video even shows the set up where GPIO output is buffered by a small signal transistor to turn LED on. Needless to say, I am most comfortable with Derek's solution.

Other than this concern, the book succeeds in showing around the Beaglebone's vast playing ground. I liked the book for covering the broad spectrum of methods to enjoy this board in a relatively small number of pages.
8/8 人认为此评论有用
平均5.0 星 Simple and quick to get you up and running 2013年12月19日
评论者 Luca - 已在美国亚马逊上发表
版本: 平装 已确认购买
Surprised how quick you can get your project going with this book.
I am not so novice (engineer that worked with Unix and Linux for years), but I still learned things I did not know.
But what's really great, is that it's fast... in very little time you can get started with linux, ssh, turn on LED's, Python scripts etc...
Withing 4 hours you learned all you need to get your internet controlled project started. I highly recommended it for the beginner, but also for the intermediate user.
Not to be fooled: this book is not a complete user manual, it just scratches the surface of all the potential of this Beablebone, but it's super fast to do, and touches many aspects of it (GPIO, PWM, Analog I/O, ethernet, python, JS, HDMI, cron, Cloud IDE).
16/17 人认为此评论有用
平均4.0 星 A good place to start 2013年11月14日
评论者 DJ0KM - 已在美国亚马逊上发表
版本: Kindle电子书 已确认购买
This was my first shot at the BeagleBone Black. After a bunch is dismal how to do it books over the Raspberry Matt Richardsons book was real breath of fresh air. Everything he suggested worked the first time. His descriptions and explanations were exact and understandable. In a few hours I was reading my Emails and downloaded some business data. After many hours of frustration with the Raspberry books I managed to get an LED to blink.

If you want to get off to good start with open source devices buy the BeagleBone Black and get a copy of this book.
1/1 人认为此评论有用
平均5.0 星 Beginning BeagleBone projects and tools one stop training 2014年10月2日
评论者 Robin T. Wernick - 已在美国亚马逊上发表
版本: Kindle电子书 已确认购买
Every year the range of mobile embedded systems expands to include newer and more capable devices. Every one of those systems is different from the preceding ones and contains a host of details that make or break the design of new projects. This book should be required reading for new BeagleBone developers who want to succeed in making their project work.

The BeagleBone Black is the latest addition to the series. It has a faster processor and a few more hardware capabilities. This book explains in detail how to configure the BeagleBone system, connect to outside networks and hardware, and write Python software that will exercise your project hardware. Once you have mastered this system, you can customize your design and even do remote testing. There is an appendix to show you how to extend your knowledge far beyond the material contained here if you want to take this experimenter package into a commercial enterprise.

I ordered the Kindle edition to make it easy to tap on a link and be connected directly to the extended information pages. This was a great convenience.

For my project needs I am going to build my project using C++ and this book is helping me find the libaries and development tools that I need to finish a professional project. The appendix shows how to develop code from OSX, Linux, and Windows platforms.

I am very pleased with this book's content and links.
3/3 人认为此评论有用
平均5.0 星 Good starter overview 2013年11月30日
评论者 E. L. Richards - 已在美国亚马逊上发表
版本: Kindle电子书 已确认购买
Author does a good job of explaining initial setup and introducing basic concepts through simple projects. Gives reader a taste of different programming languages including Python and Java (Bonescript) as well as terminal (command line) execution.

Provides sample code for reader to work through for real outcomes.

Easy intro for newbies to micro controller use. Will probably be criticized for not being advanced enough for more complex project development by those in the know. Another 100 pages would be appreciated to dig a bit deeper. No doubt, you will have to find much more tutorial and reference materials as well as other books to go further.

Perfect intro for me in my quest to understand micro controller options and start-up difficulty.