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Cuisinart 622 Chef's Classic Non-Stick Hard Anodized Open Skillet Cuisinart 622 Chef's Classic Non-Stick Hard Anodized Open Skillet 黑色 14英寸

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  • Hard Anodized is harder than stainless steel and is dense, nonporous and highly wear-resistant for extra durability and professional performance
  • Quantanium nonstick interior is reinforced with titanium and provides lasting food release, healthily nonfat cooking option, and easy clean up
  • Cool Grip handles are solid stainless steel riveted stick handles that stay cool on the stove top and provide a safe a solid grip
  • Oven safe to 500 degrees F, with tapered drip free rim
  • Limited lifetime warranty
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尺寸:14英寸  |  颜色:黑色


Cuisinart Chef's Classic 硬质阳极氧化炊具采用 3 毫米厚的硬质阳极氧化铝制成,并带有铸造不锈钢手柄。进口。有限终生质保

• 硬质氧化表面的硬度比不锈钢更高,保证耐用性和专业性能
• 实心不锈钢手柄足够宽,适合厚锅垫,同时配有专业铆钉以保证在使用中始终牢固可靠
• 锅的边缘呈锥形,倾倒简单,清洗容易
• 微波炉温度低于500℉时可用。


尺寸: 14英寸 | 颜色: 黑色
  • 商品尺寸: 33 x 28.6 x 14 cm
  • 商品重量: 1.4 Kg
  • 发货重量: 1.8 Kg
  • ASIN: B0017QHWHA
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美国亚马逊: 平均4.2 星 835 条评论
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平均2.0 星 Should have listened to the other reviewers. Non-stick wears off quickly and becomes useless. 2014年11月7日
评论者 AVB - 已在美国亚马逊上发表
尺寸: 9-Inch颜色: 黑色 已确认购买
I made the mistake of ignoring the other reviewers who indicated that they had a problem with the non-stick coating of this pan. Ours lasted about six months, even with my taking care to hand-wash only, use only plastic utensils, etc. We also have the 12-inch version of this skillet which we purchased at the same time, and its non-stick works just fine more than a year later. Not sure what the deficiency is with this 9-inch pan! There's a price difference of $15-20; maybe that has something to do with it?

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平均2.0 星 A disappointing replacement for my older one 2016年12月2日
评论者 Red Teapot - 已在美国亚马逊上发表
尺寸: 14英寸颜色: 黑色 已确认购买
I have a 12" Cuisinart pan with a helper handle. Bought it several years ago, and I wanted to replace it because I have enjoyed it so much but mine has taken a lot of wear and even abuse. When I saw this 14" one, I thought this would be even better. As soon as the pan arrived, I was a bit disappointed. It didn't have the same feel to it that my 12" pan had. This one feels more lightweight---not nearly as substantial feeling as my old one. When I used it for cooking this morning, it took me a while to notice that the food was not all cooking at the same rate. The reason? The bottom of the pan is warped. I have a glass-top stove, and I could rock the pan back and forth on the burner. Not at all happy with the pan. It's being returned today.
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平均3.0 星 Why I gave this pan a "3". 2015年8月26日
评论者 R - 已在美国亚马逊上发表
尺寸: 14英寸颜色: 黑色 已确认购买
I'm pretty sure I would've rated this pan a "5" after my initial impressions. Here are the reasons I am giving it a "3":
I tried this pan first at a client's home (I am a personal chef) and it was a great pan- lightweight, not easily scratched, nonstick (there's were almost never used). I had to order a few for myself. I do love the pan- and the light weight of it is especially good for me as I bring it with me to certain jobs. But I've had to make multiple returns in an attempt to get non-defective pans. The first two I ordered were both irregularly shaped, like it wasn't a perfect circle and a part of it was kind of dented in on one side (the same on both). You could not stack them properly, not to mention it just bothered me.
So I returned the pans and had 2 replacements sent. They looked fine out of the box but then it turned out one was not flat on the bottom. It rocked when you had it on the burner or stovetop. I've read other reviews that say the pans can warp from heat (and not even high heat) but that's how mine came straight out of the box. It did kind of make me wonder if it was new or if I was given a return pan.
The other one appears to be fine so I will keep that, though I'm a little bit bummed now to read the other reviews that say the nonstick coating stops working after a certain amount of use.
Overall, though, for $40 I hope to get a lot of use out of this pan- that's a good price for such a big pan. We shall see!
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平均5.0 星 I'd have to say improves your dishes and cook time. 2017年4月27日
评论者 rklew - 已在美国亚马逊上发表
尺寸: 14英寸颜色: 黑色 已确认购买
Really Great, So Thankful to be able to have this one. Note to all, once your current nonstick starts to carry a surface texture, just replace it. not worth being frugal on getting a new one when you are literally ingesting bits from the cooking.
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平均1.0 星 I've Had It! 2015年12月17日
评论者 Em Zebra - 已在美国亚马逊上发表
尺寸: 12英寸颜色: 黑色 已确认购买
I've had non-stick fry pans and they've eventually worn out. I always assumed I was doing something wrong. THIS time I was going to make SURE that didn't happen. I made a cloth sack to store the pan. I only used plastic utensils. I washed it carefully by hand, dried it and put it away without stacking it on top of the other dishes. And after three uses, it's scratched already! You can see in the photo. And all I did was push cooked, diced potatoes around with a plastic spatula! There is no way that should have caused scratches, but there it is. Obviously this pan will not hold up to normal use. I am hugely disappointed - Cuisinart is supposed to be a quality product.


尺寸: 14英寸 | 颜色: 黑色