Razer DeathAdder Elite - Multi-Color Ergonomic Gaming Mouse - World's Most Precise Sensor - Comfortable Grip - The eSports Gaming Mouse

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  • The world's most advanced optical sensor with true 16,000 DPI, 450 IPS, & 99.4% Resolution Accuracy
  • Gaming-optimized Razer mechanical mouse switches - durable up to 50 million clicks.
  • Ergonomic form factor has been tested and validated by top eSports athletes.
  • Gaming-grade tactile scroll wheel for greater control.
  • DPI buttons at your fingertips and Razer Chroma customizable lighting.


品牌Razer 雷蛇
商品尺寸7.4 x 4.3 x 12.7 cm
商品重量132 g
USB 2.0接口1
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发货重量204 g



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平均5.0 星 The Best I Ever Used 2017年4月6日
评论者 Andy - 已在美国亚马逊上发表
I've had a variety of mice over the years, mostly wireless. I was a bit loathe to try out a corded mouse after the freedom of not having to deal with cords. However, I was disappointed with my current, Logitech wireless gaming mouse. The Razer DeathAdder Elite is the best mouse I have ever used. I don't even mind the cord. The weight seems perfect; not too heavy, but not too light. The buttons, including the side buttons, are responsive and easy to find/activate but don't get activated by accident. I also find being able to adjust the sensitivity on the fly to be a useful feature. I didn't think that was going to be something I ever needed, but it's been useful. I am very impressed with this mouse.
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平均5.0 星 Great Mouse! 2017年4月20日
评论者 James - 已在美国亚马逊上发表
I needed a gaming mouse for my computer set as of before I only used the default HP mouse. For awhile I was one of the people who thought, "Why would anyone need a gaming mouse, what's the difference?" Well I can tell anyone who has those same questions that this mouse was indeed worth it. After playing with the mouse for a few hours, I decided to compare it to my old one and OMG as soon as I grabbed the old one I could tell the difference. This mouse is great, the DPI can satisfy anyone, allowing fast and responsive gameplay, great for FPS. The Chroma is nice but more of a visual treat and in reality don't buy a mouse for its lighting cause for most of the time its gonna shine into the bottom of your palm. This mouse is great for people with small hands and fits like a glove. I would recommend this mouse to anyone who wants a comfortable and responsive gaming experience.
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平均5.0 星 A great mouse for gaming or otherwise 2015年3月3日
评论者 Erik - 已在美国亚马逊上发表
产品款式: Standard Edition 已确认购买
I had bought the original Razer DeathAdder about 5 years ago, and it's a great mouse but after daily use it was starting to show it's age. I decided to get the 2013 DeathAdder because I was used to the ergonomics and fit of the mouse, and I loved it's performance in gaming.

The mouse itself is stylish and sleek, and very comfortable in the hand, at least for a palm grip. I use a palm grip, but I tried using a claw grip and it didn't seem to work very well, since the mouse has such a large hump toward the back. The side buttons are very easy to push when needed, but out of the way when they're not. I particularly like the functionality of the side buttons as "forward and backward" buttons for internet browsers, as it really cuts down on unnecessary hand movement.

The rubber "grips" on the side are a nice feature, as the original DeathAdder had just slippery sides. The grips make it much easier to handle with sweaty hands/fingers, and much easier to lift off the mouse pad if need be. I have been using my old DeathAdder as my on-the-go mouse (because I don't want to mess up my new one) and I've found it much harder to control after getting used to the grips on the 2013 DeathAdder.

The teflon mouse feet are very slick and allow the mouse easy movement across a standard mouse pad. Speaking of which, you definitely want to use this mouse with a soft mouse pad because in my opinion it is much easier to control than on a hard surface like a table or book. I haven't used a hard mouse pad in years, but if that's what you're used to it probably will work just fine. Just avoid going without a mouse pad.

The mouse wheel is very responsive and doesn't really move unless you want it to, and it scrolls by increments (or "clicks"). The middle mouse button is very easy to click, as well. I prefer the look of the original DeathAdder mouse wheel, but that's just me. I may switch them in the future.

As for the DPI settings, I feel that 6400 is very, very high and not really needed. Your mouse will be flying all over the screen at high speeds. As the original DeathAdder had a maximum of 1800dpi, I only decided to use a slightly higher dpi of 2000 using Razer's program "Synapse" (more on that below). If you're used to a highly sensitive mouse, go crazy with the higher precision that you can get at 6400dpi. In the end, the technical performance is top notch.

The program used to control the settings of the mouse, Synapse, is a great and intuitive tool to controlling everything from DPI, sensitivity, lights, and button hotkeys/functions. It's very handy to be able to change my technical settings quickly or turn off the lights if I want to go to sleep without a green glow.

I know a lot of people have troubles with durability of DeathAdders, but not in my case. If you take care of your mouse, it should last a while. After using my old DeathAdder for about a year (and making sure it wasn't under warranty anymore), I took it apart and cleaned the inside with some electronics cleaner and a q-tip, even though it didn't really *need* it. It takes about 30 minutes but it extends the life of the mouse a LOT, so it's definitely worth taking the time to clean it once or twice a year. There's videos on youtube that can show you how to take the DeathAdder apart, as well, so you don't need to worry about breaking it.

Overall, the mouse performs great. The ease and adaptability of the settings makes it great for multiple games or even users. The ergonomics of the mouse feel snug, tight, and comfortable in my hand, and sweaty palms/fingers barely affect the control because of the rubber grips on the side and body. The technical performance is perfect, I play a lot of CS:GO and never have any qualms with control or sensitivity due to my DeathAdder. The bottom line is that it's precise, smooth, and reliable.

I hope this review helped, if I missed anything or if you have a question, let me know and I'm positive I can give you an answer, as I use the mouse daily and have for about 3 months now (plus the original for 4-5 years before that).
平均5.0 星 Longest-Lasting Mouse I've Bought 2017年4月28日
评论者 Jessie - 已在美国亚马逊上发表
产品款式: Standard Edition 已确认购买
This is one of the best options I've bought for a computer mouse. As someone who's using their laptop frequently, on a daily basis, and prefers using a mouse rather than the trackpad for both casual use and gaming purposes, the DeathAdder Essential was a great purchase for me in the long run. After two years of use, the wheel did finally break, but it was easily repairable with a replacement scroll wheel and some looking into on how to dismantle a Razer mouse. Now, after two and a half years, the mouse works again, like nothing ever broke in the first place, still as nice as it did when I first bought it.
The size of the mouse is a little large for my own small hands, but I also think this feels a lot nicer, as I have more to rest my hand on and my wrist is less likely to end up uncomfortably resting on the mousepad. The buttons are very convenient, and as this is a Razer mouse, it has the option of installing software with it that manages what your buttons do or how sensitive your mouse is, and I would highly recommend installing that software if you're knowledgeable enough to know you might need those mechanics.
In all, I would highly suggest buying this mouse if you feel you want to spend the money on a good option that lasts more than a few months. I'm at 2 and a half years, and the only thing that's broken in this mouse is my scroll wheel (which is easily repairable), which is impressive considering how fast I wear out computer accessories.