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Razer DeathAdder Elite - Multi-Color Ergonomic Gaming Mouse - World's Most Precise Sensor - Comfortable Grip - The eSports Gaming Mouse

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价格: ¥477.26
  • The world's most advanced optical sensor with true 16,000 DPI, 450 IPS, & 99.4% Resolution Accuracy
  • Gaming-optimized Razer mechanical mouse switches - durable up to 50 million clicks.
  • Ergonomic form factor has been tested and validated by top eSports athletes.
  • Gaming-grade tactile scroll wheel for greater control.
  • DPI buttons at your fingertips and Razer Chroma customizable lighting.


品牌Razer 雷蛇
商品尺寸7.4 x 4.3 x 12.7 cm
商品重量132 g
USB 2.0接口1
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美国亚马逊: 平均4.3 星 4,590 条评论
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平均5.0 星 Best gaming mouse i've ever seen you must buy it ... 2015年6月18日
评论者 Fatih - 已在美国亚马逊上发表
产品款式: Chroma 已确认购买
Best gaming mouse i've ever seen you must buy it fast if you are suspectious about this dont think anything amd buy it ''' My mouse history since 2003 '
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平均2.0 星 Had potential, but poor and impossible to reach customer service, and requiring an account and login to simply download software 2016年7月10日
评论者 T. Taylor - 已在美国亚马逊上发表
产品款式: Chroma 已确认购买
I would like to start by saying that the this mouse impressed me after the first week of use. It was comfortable, seemed responsive, and was seemingly reliable. Then I realized I needed to create an account with the company including email and password to use the software for the mouse that is required to adjust/stop the changing and bright colors from the glowing insignia and wheel. Going through the drop down menu's trying to create an account I selected "peripherals" at one point.. then i selected "mouse".. but every time I tried to create my account I was informed through red highlighted boxes that "peripherals" was an invalid choice. "Mouse" only showed up under "peripherals" and under no other category. I could simply not create an account. It stopped me everytime. There was also a horrific repeat the blurry barely legible numbers security scheme that failed three or four times before working. When I went to "contact customer service' i was put through the same endless loop of invalid entries on online forms. I am returning this mouse which is a shame because it has potential. unfortunately it is backed by poor customer service and support. Its hard to imagine that someone is making money dictating policies like requiring an account with login and password to simply download the software for a mouse that you have in hand and have paid good money for.
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平均4.0 星 A worthy opponent to many other nice out there. 2016年7月10日
评论者 Amazon Customer - 已在美国亚马逊上发表
产品款式: Chroma 已确认购买
This mouse like all other optical gaming mouses is one of the best. The software is decent and has amazing color options but there could be more. The DPI adjuster is one of the nicest with precise accurate dpi. Although I personally don't like mice with a million of different buttons and this one fits me fine with only 2 buttons on the side but if you're into that million buttons go with the G502.

The material used in this is one of the sturdiest. I like the Matt black that goes with it. The sides are grippable and let your thumb sit nicely on it. One thing that I like is that the buttons have these ramps at the end of the mouse in the top right and top left of the buttons which keeps your finger from falling off the edge of the mouse if you have big fingers. Sucks for Donald Trump...

The accuracy in games is one of the best I've seen countless rank ups in CS:GO as well as any other FPS game I could find and pretty well working.

The braded cable is also a nice touch with the mouse. But it does attract a lot of dust.
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平均3.0 星 Solid product that will satisfy the requirements of most gamers 2016年11月25日
评论者 Al - 已在美国亚马逊上发表
The reasons I bought this mouse are the 16,000 DPI, the fact that they promise a 99.8% on screen accuracy (which I don't really know if its a marketing gimmick or a real value that other mice wont have) and that it's was the newest mouse on the market at the time of the purchase.

I believe that the best way to have proper indication of a product is by compare it to another product in the same category. The only other gaming mouse I can compare it to is the Corsair RGB Gaming Mouse (Sabre RGB) that I use on my other computer.

The game I play most is Counter Strike Global Offensive (CS:GO) and my rank is Global Elite (just to provide you with indication regarding my gaming level).

Razer DeathAdder Elite - $68 USD

1. Feels sturdy.
2. Glides great.
3. Easy to clean the "gliders" or whatever they are called.
4. Performs great in games.
5. 16,000 DPI

1. Feels a bit too small (I have to say that this would be very individual as I do have large hands).
2. A bit too light for my taste as I prefer slightly heavier mice.
3. I find my thumb dragging on the mouse pad sometimes as there's no curve at the bottom to provide some kind of a support.
4. Four buttons + a clickable mouse wheel.
5. About 35% more expensive than the Sabre RGB.

Corsair Sabre RGB - $44 USD

1. Glides great.
2. Performs great in games.
3. Six buttons + a clickable mouse wheel.
4. Great design that allows full support of the wrist and thumb.
5. Very reasonably priced.

1. The plastic feels slightly thinner in comparison to the Razer DeathAdder (but still a very sturdy and high quality product).
2. Same as DeathAdder, I find it slightly too light weight and would prefer to be a bit heavier.
3. A bit harder too clean the "gliders".
4. 10,000 DPI

I find both mice to be high-end products that will satisfy the requirements of most gamers. On paper the Razer DeathAdder supposed to be the superior one outta the two, personally, I didn't find any difference (accuracy or responsiveness wise) but who knows, maybe someone else will.

Due to the price and my personal preferences, I have to vote the Corsair Sabre RGB as a slightly better purchase.

*The 3 star rating is due to my preference of the Corsair Sabre RGB, which I rated at 4 stars. I don't usually rate products at 5 stars unless I find them to be perfect (which is pretty rare as I believe that there's always room for improvement).
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平均4.0 星 Overall great. Not the best mouse I've ever used but pretty close. Right click ergonomics lose it a star. 2016年10月28日
评论者 John Gavin Greenwalt - 已在美国亚马逊上发表
Left Button clickiness: Strong, firm, a bit loud like an old 90s mouse in volume. But damn near perfect. 5 Stars for the left click.
Right Button clickiness: Same resistance and volume but I don't like the slope. The left click is flat but the right click is lower and at about a 20 degree angle. It's not very easy to rest your fingers on this button. 2 Stars for the right click.
Wheel Scrolling feel: Good clickiness and resistance with distinct stops. It's a little firmer than an Intellimouse Optical (in my opinion the best mouse ever made). 4 stars for scroll wheel, it would be 5 stars if it were a tad easier to spin and the texture was more comfortable in the rubber.
Middle mouse button (wheel click) feel: A tad firm, but not a strain. Overall pretty good. Clicking it also doesn't appear to cause any accidental scrolling. 4.5 stars for middle mouse button.
Back Button placement "Button 4/side back": 5 stars, perfect.
Forward button placement "Button 5/side front": Slightly too far forward for my hand. It's a little bit of a stretch. 2 Stars for forward mouse button.

Weight: A bit heavier than I would prefer. Requires a bit more oomphf to lift than many mice. Comparable to a wireless mouse weight. 4 stars.
Palm rest: Very good. Maybe a bit fat. 4.5 stars.
Cord: Superb cord. Plenty long and very lightweight and flexible. 5 stars.
Slidiness: Slides well. Comparable to many mice. It seems to get hung up on crumbs a bit more though than other mice.
Laser: Works great on the bare surface of my wooden desk.

Looks: 5 stars. Great looking mouse. I don't even play overwatch but it just looks cool.
Software: Don't care. It seems to work. Like all gamer mice, starts out way too sensitive.

Overall it's about 15% worse than a class Microsoft Intellimouse Optical but it's probably the closest thing still in production that I've found.