Sennheiser PC 350 Special Edition 2015 headphones

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  • Hear every detail of the game - Sennheiser's transducer technology delivers exceptional sonic accuracy and clarity
  • Get immersed in the game - Closed back, over-ear design provides isolation from environmental sounds so you can focus on the game.
  • Crystal clear conversations - The professional noise cancelling microphone ensures crisp communication without interference
  • Intuitive control - The volume control is integrated on the right ear cup, and the microphone is muted by simply raising the boom arm.
  • PCV 07 Combo Audio adapter is included - for headset compatibility with Mac, PS4 & Consoles with 3.5 mm jack input


品牌Sennheiser 森海塞尔
商品尺寸17.1 x 5.7 x 22.2 cm
商品重量14 Kg
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发货重量680 g



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评论者 亚马逊买家 于 2016年12月28日
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平均5.0 星 Absolutely breathtaking 2015年12月1日
评论者 Kurasuke - 已在美国亚马逊上发表

Due to the fact that these headphones have 150db impedence most likely your onboard sound won't be able to drive it. A little research before purchasing will tell the consumer that. I picked it up for $100 bucks during the holiday sell and it's a steal.

Even without the driving power the sound clarity is pristine. I recognized it as soon as I tested the headphones through my onboard audio. The fit is a little tight at first due to the plastic cups that sit on the microfiber that envelopes the ears but after about an hour any discomfort transitioned to the most comfortable fit I've ever had. The cups seem to mold to a fit over time. In order to drive the headphones better I paired mine with a $75 fiio mic amp/ dac. Sennheiser is known for clarity, not thumping bass so I made sure to choose one with a bass boost just for the ability to fine tune it to my liking. It brought the headphones to life and is giving me the most enjoyable auditory experience of my life, and I've had quite a few expensive headphones.

The mic requires minor adjustments. In order to drive it you have to turn on 20% mic boost. After the adjustments it's clarity is far superior to any "headset" on the market. And it's not even close.

I highly recommend this headset with a dac. If one can't afford that sennheiser has many other low impedence options. But you can't expect mid to high impedance cans to be perfect with onboard sound. I personally prefer a dac to soundcards so I can't give a recommendation on that route. However I imagine the results to be comparable to mine as long as you can tweek the lows to your liking. Keep in mind that hardware adjustments outshine a software equalizer almost 100% of the time.

Edit: After looking around I found that quite a few people have been able to drive the speakers with just a simple stereo to usb adapter. I had one of these laying around I figured I'd give it a try and update my review (SYBA USB 2.0 External Stereo Sound Adapter (SD-AUD20066)). While the sound isn't quite on par with the customization using a DAC or a sound card I found this option MORE THAN SERVICEABLE. For an extra 10 bucks these stereo adapters can drive the headphones pretty well and undoubtedly superior to on board audio. If you want to save some money go this option. I'd like to note that I had a few issues with sound from the right ear cup when I used both the headphone and the microphone jack in the adapter. Just use your on board microphone input jack and the adapter's headphone jack and you should be set with the tweeking I said about the microphone earlier.
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平均4.0 星 Sound quality is MUCH better than most "gaming" headsets 2016年2月8日
评论者 smilingTolerantly - 已在美国亚马逊上发表
Sound quality is MUCH better than most "gaming" headsets. Night and day difference.

However, the one thing many of the "gaming" headset community does do better is build quality. I don't know why headsets still come with this plastic/fake leather/whatever this material is on the earcups and headband. It doesn't hold up well to grease/sweat (eww, blah blah blah, but if you're gaming, you're likely wearing these for extended periods of time).

I've gone back to "gaming" headsets due to this issue (last one was the Hyper X; it was super comfortable without any of this pansy material Sennheiser likes to use-ie: used cloth instead of fake leather or whatever it is even my grandpa used to use in his headphones, but the sound quality compared to a good pair of cans like Sennheisers was atrociously bad-mostly on the high end of the spectrum), but I always return to Sennheiser's when they're on sale. The sound quality difference is too big, and unfortunately, it's one of those things where once you're aware there's better sound, you really can't go back.

It's possible the more expensive gaming headsets have as good sound quality, but I'm not sure that's a risk I'm willing to risk, so I continue to use Sennheisers, while fervently hoping they eventually up their material usage to be as awesome as their sound quality.

And, yes, don't be purchasing these if you or your soundcard don't have an amp. They aren't friendly for the ampless.
平均4.0 星 Check the volume knob on the side if they are quiet. 2017年1月19日
评论者 Hunter C. Fox - 已在美国亚马逊上发表
Edit, I feel like an idiot...had them almost 2 months. Did some research after writing this to get another set of headphones... TIL There is a volume knob on the side of these... mine was at min volume this whole time. They actually sound like a real set of headphones now. Bass is 9/10, but otherwise quite amazing. In other news... the sound blaster E1 inline amp held up to max volume for almost 2 months.

Mic is still kinda crap, so it gets a 4 star.

Pros; More comfortable then the my 20$ monoprice headphones... I work from home, and wear them 10+ hours a day.

Cons; Everything else. Friends gave me flack about mic quality instantly. Ear cup doesn't seal on the bottom, making the advertised closed design useless. When I first plugged them in, the volume was so low it was hard to hear anything from them, so I bought an inline amp(creative sound blaster E1), and its still literally 1/100th the volume of my 20$ monoprice headphones at the same volume. Its so quiet I feel like they are broken or something. If you listen to music, ASMR, or really anything... the ear buds at walmart sound better then these because of how quiet they are.

I would not buy these for 20$, good thing I got them for only 77$. I don't understand why anyone would rave about these.
平均4.0 星 Good, but not perfect. 2016年7月14日
评论者 CaedenV - 已在美国亚马逊上发表
For a gaming headset they are pretty great... for a set of Sennheiser headphones... not so much.

So I picked these up because I am working at a new job where I have to do a lot of video calls all day long. Needed something with a good quality microphone with noise rejection that could mask out the kids, with closed ear cans that help dampen environment so I can pay attention to the callers, and comfortable enough to wear all day long... plus be a decent headset for when I want to watch movies or play online games at night. Oh, and not break the bank.

Comfort: Good
Coming from the era of over-ear headphones of the '80s and '90s where it is like wearing a vice on your head, these are a dream when it comes to comfort. My last set of over-ear headphones were a cheap set of Siberia v2 which were pretty comfy, and these are even better than those. They are light weight, plenty of ear space, and compact enough where I can lounge on the couch without them getting in the way of leaning my head against the arm of the couch or a pillow.

Mic Quality: Good, but with technical issues.
On my PC I recorded the mic and it sounds pretty great. Noise cancellation works well too, and having an arm that automatically mutes when it is stowed instead of trying to find a silly button is great design. But on that system it is the only microphone; On my laptop (where I do my work) it does not work so well, but it may be an issue with the laptop. Using the combo jack adapter provided it completely ignores the headset mic and continues using the laptop mic array. This is not to say that I can't get them to work, because if I just plug in the mic line and not the headphone line (still using the same combo jack adapter) then it works how it should. Also, if I use the junk 'headset' that came with my phone it works as expected, so I don't know why the nice headset does not work. Suffice to say something is wrong.
On the plus side, if I use the USB sound card that came with my old Siberia v2 it works beautifully on my laptop, so I may pick up a 2nd USB sound card and avoid the analog port all together. Really sad it does not work right out of the box; but again, it may be something with the adapter and my particular laptop.

Build quality: Good
Nothing about it seems flimsy or easily breakable. The folding mechanism for the headphones and the mic arm are all solid. The speaker line is both hefty and flexible (with nice fabric braided around it), and while there is little metal used in the design, the plastic seems to be of good quality and able to take a bit of abuse. I do wish that it had a detachable/replaceable cable line... but for the price I am not complaining.

Sound quality: meh
This is not to say that the sound quality is bad, because it isn't. In fact, for the price I paid I would say it is pretty good, and certainly a step up from my old Siberia v2 headset. My complaint is in comparing it with other Sennheiser headphones which I have used for more audio production oriented tasks in the past. As a Sennheiser product it simply does not live up to it's namesake. These do not have a flat response curve; They are a little heavy in the lower midrange, and a little weak in the high end. This is unfortunate because it is really in the range that makes the human voice sound a little muddy and undefined. Voice chats and podcasts are just harder to listen to with this headset without some amount of EQ involved. But once you get a good EQ profile going they do sound quite excellent... just don't expect to use them with a cheap phone or other device that does not have an EQ built in.
The other complaint has more to do with the fact that these are closed ear headphones. I am accustomed to the sound of open-ear or simi open-ear headphones. They let your ears breathe a bit, allow the drivers to move more freely, and overall sound more 'pleasant' to listen to. With closed ear headphones it is much easier to have sweaty ears with long time use (like an 8+ hour workday). Plus, when rocking out to music with some bass, the air pressure of the drivers actually vibrate the cans because the air has nowhere to go... which is an interesting sensation that I am not use to having. This could be overcome with a tighter clamp or heavier parts... but then you run into comfort issues, so I am pretty sure this is the best compromise they could come up with.

That being said, I don't mean to be too down on these headphones. The imaging is good, even when using the 7.1 to stereo emulation on my sound card I can still tell where things are coming from. Because they are higher resistance headphones you do need a little more power to drive them (my phone can't really get these to be 'loud', but my laptop and USB sound card have no issues), but you also retain a lot of quality because the drivers move very accurately. This means that music retains a lot of texture that is typically lost, and it brings out smaller background sounds that are typically masked over or more easily ignored. In fact, these are almost good enough where you can start to hear things like mp3 compression, and distinguish between an mp3 rip and the original CD... so some of that sennheiser quality is retained... just not what I am use to in their other higher end products.

so again, good headset with good quality, great mic, solid (but not bulky) construction, comfortable... overall good headset. Especially for the price. Especially compared with other headsets geared towards the gaming market. For the money and the application you would be hard pressed to find something better.
But, if you are looking for truly fantastic Sennheiser audio quality then you are not going to find it here. Perhaps look into spending an extra $50-100 for some studio headphones and pick up a separate microphone if you are picky about your audio.