LG 电子音 INFINIM 蓝牙立体声耳机 - 银色 银色 ..Old Bluetooth 3.0

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  • 正版 Zeimax 产品,请不要从未经授权的卖家购买仿冒品。
  • 重现真实的音效:精心制作的 10mm 的动态驱动单元,并采用日本 CCAW 音圈,可创造令人惊讶的浓郁的音色,清晰响亮,还原您最喜欢的歌手的真实声音。
  • 蓝牙 4.1 引领新时代:采用了高速 80 MIPS Kalimba 的 CPU、80MHz RISC MCU 及英国的 CSR 蓝牙 4.1 芯片组,Q2 足可确保稳定高速运转。
  • 超高清语音:Q2 的采样率从 8kHz 急剧扩大到 16kHz,语音频率从 280Hz - 4kHz 扩大到 50Hz - 6.1kHz,超高清宽带语音已经来到您的世界。
  • 第 6 代 CVC 降噪:可通过精密算法技术显著提高接收路径的语音信号并改变接收路径信号的频谱形状。

2017年1月23日08点00分-2017年2月3日23点59分, 电脑办公摄影数码影音手机通讯乐器家居家装厨具运动户外汽车用品 好货云集,年终献礼,优惠不容错过,赶快抢购吧!


商品尺寸21.3 x 19 x 5.1 cm
商品重量91 g
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发货重量295 g


Zeimax 新版本蓝牙 4.1 耳机,支持手机 A2DP、AVRCP、HSP、HFP,耳机采用日本的 CCAW 音圈

作为个人音乐设备,1 克的重量足以影响用户体验,所以好的耳机必须质轻。与 15-20 克重的其它耳机相比,仅 11.5 克的定制 Q2 创造了前所未有的突破。轻巧得让耳朵感受不到重量,但却确实地与您时刻陪伴。
Q2 为你而采用无线和人性化设计。可同时连接到 2 部手机。语音命令说“Yes”或“No”决定是否接打电话;按下 MF 按钮 2 秒钟然后松开以激活手机语音助手,如 Siri(电话功能);最后,同时按 MF 和Vol(-) 按钮选择语音控制(中国/英文)。


频率范围:2.4GHz - 2.48GHz
操作距离:可达 10 m(自由空间)
待机时间:最长可至 180 小时
通话/音乐播放时间:约 5 小时
充电时间:约 2 小时
频率响应:20Hz - 20kHz
工作温度:-10℃ - 50℃
S2 BT 运动耳机 1 副
USB 充电线 1 根
用户手册 1 本


-- 本品含有小零件,可能产生窒息危险。不适合3岁以下儿童使用。



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平均5.0 星 solid product, very impressed 2014年11月20日
评论者 D. Matthews - 已在美国亚马逊上发表
尺寸: ..Old Bluetooth 3.0颜色: 银色
I bought these at an At&T store today about 3 hours ago.

A buddy of mine uses the non retractable verson of this headset all the time, it interested me. I never dish money out like this on something I don't really need, but lately I've been finding myself ordering these kinds of products that I think I don't need and then finding them very useful in daily life, like the ANKER bluetooth speaker that I also wrote a review about.

So far, I really like this piece. I have them on now and I'm listening to Pandora and it sounds better than anything else I've listened to Pandora on, the sound is very crisp, I like them better than the iPhone 5 ear buds. The sound quality seems better and the bass on those seemed to tickle my ears at times which was annoying, not to mention having to remember what the left and right buds look like and their strange alien shape was starting to take a toll on me.

Anyway, I haven't even opened the accessory box yet to see whats in there. I'm working with the factory charge right now, I'll worry about that later.

Updates when I get more familiar with this thing.

It's day two and I'm still on the factory charge. When I power it up it says the power is still on medium, which is somewhat surprising.

Having this headset has proven pretty useful so far. Walking to the car, or during commutes I can just put a plug in, press a button and my music is playing. At work, when I want to unwind, I can use this and put the plugs away somewhat quickly if a client comes in.

Only issue so far, the microphone does tend to pick up outside noise a good bit, so when I use siri through the headset, it picks that sound up at times and messes with my input. My father also complained about my car seat belt notifier beeping during our conversation while I was in my car, it wasn't really that loud either, he just wondered what the sound was.

Day 2 - very happy with this as a purchase.

More updates to come.

Day ? - couldn't be happier with this product, right now I'm rating it 5 starts. This headset is pretty damn useful. I can multi-task like crazy and my favorite part is being able to put an ear bud in at any time and listen to music in the most random situations that you normally don't get to listen to music during. The residual sound when a plug isn't in your ear almost doesn't exist.

No one can hear your conversations, the retractable ear bud feature is too cool, works stunningly. Press the phone button once and you can ask siri anything. Makes finding out what the weather is while doing another task enjoyable because of how easy it is.

I'll continue to update.

Day ? - So I've had this thing long enough, I feel I can give a pretty good review on it.

It's been a while since I've been this happy with a piece of technology. I've researched other peoples reviews on this and I would like to address some of the problems they have.

One guy mentioned that this headset was too cumbersome and weighed too much. I think that's kind of absurd. I forget I have this around my neck on a regular basis. I once got in the hot tub with this thing still on and it got half way submerged before I realized I still had it on and jumped out and dried it off. After getting wet, it still worked fine.

Someone else mentioned that this headset felt breakable, the outer plastic seemed too hard to be bendable. The middle part where the two sides coincide is attached by a thick rubber connection, that bends more than you would ever need it to bend. I don't see how this could cause a break. Someone would really need to try to break this thing.

The sound is great, I'm not sure if I mentioned this already, but during symphony works you can hear people turning the pages of their music and taking the breaths between their long parts, its pretty cool. The sound is so good, it doesn't really give you the impression you are listening to head phones, sometimes it gives me the sensation that the sound is inside my head rather than coming from outside of it, if that makes any sense.

--- Moments I've found this headset very useful ---
1.) During long, quiet, and sometimes awkward lines waiting for stuff, I just pop in a ear bud or two and listen to an audio book, or music. Don't listen to the comedy radio station in public I've learned. Usually people wont notice you listening to anything and all they see is some crazy man laughing to himself.
2.) During car rides. I don't have a AUX input to listen to my phone in my car, so I put on an audio book and crush out some books in my free time. Even if it's just a couple minutes at a time, all you have to do is already have it paused in the background and press the play button whenever you want.
3.) Listening in bed. This one is very nice, you don't have to mess with annoying cables all in your bed or touching your bare skin (which always bothered the hell out of me).

None of these were actually bad enough for me to give it less of a rating, but I will mention them because they could deter you from wanting this unit.
--The input where you plug the charger in is nearly impossible to access without a tool. I have to use a tool to open it up, and the first several times I did this, the tool I used was too sharp and it put scratches all around the cover to this input. It doesn't bother me this much because I don't plan on reselling these, nor do I see the scratches often.
--The ear buds were a tad bit too large for me. There are 3 different sizes to choose from, the ear hole in my ears tends to be smaller than normal so this most likely won't be an issue to any of you. This doesn't bother me too much, the buds slip out from time to time, but they don't hurt and they aren't uncomfortable.
--The retractable ear buds have gotten stuck maybe 5 times so far. Nothing serious, it usually just takes some minor adjustment and they shoot back up there with ease, but I am just waiting for them to break, features like this tend to wear out over time. If any permanent damage does happen to keep it from retracting, I'll update. I'm still surprised at how well this feature works though.

LG has yet to steer me wrong with a product yet,

UPDATE September 2015:

So far I've had these for nearly a year I believe. I use them on a regular basis and I very much enjoy them still.

Some things I'd like to update on.

-The retractable ear buds still work great. They snap back just as good as they did the day I bought this.
-The battery life is still going strong, I might have ran out of power once, and I probably went several days without a charge. The battery lasts forever.
-I've found this is a the safest way to drive and text at the same time, really the only way you should do it. You hold down the call button, ask Siri to read your messages to you, and you can reply with your voice. If Siri gets your words mixed up, which happens sometime, you can re-speak the message and correct the problem without having to take your eyes off the road or hands off the steering wheel. It works great.
-Having this around your neck while you are unwinding at is pretty nice. You can answer your phone without having to get up and go find it. The range on this is surprisingly far. Ever been erally tired and face down in a pillow and then have someone call you? Resting the phone on the side of your face? Not so annoying with these on.
-You can put one or both ear buds in while you also have your Xbox/Playstation/PC headset on. The ones that cover your ears. When you do this, you can listen to your own music while playing your games. The ear buds don't cancel out the headset's sound, it works really well. The coolest part is being able to answer phone calls while playing on your console and being able to talk to the other person without the sound feeding in to your call.

This unit still works great. I only made this update because of something funny that happened yesterday. I couldn't find my phone. It was one of those times where you've looked everywhere twice. I then came up with this idea. I grabbed the headset, asked Siri to set a timer for 5 seconds, and found it when it went off.

I'll probably buy another one if this ever breaks.
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平均4.0 星 Not Bad 2016年3月27日
评论者 Sheree Wright - 已在美国亚马逊上发表
I like the LG 900 headphones, but they are a bit pricey. I have tried the LG 730 and the LG 750, and these are far superior in all respects including sound quality on both calls and for music, they also cancel out noise really well. They are pretty comfortable to wear even in the gym when working out. My biggest complaint it the range, if you get too far from your phone, the sounds quality is not as good and starts to cut out. And next biggest complaint is the price, these are expensive, and because I work out a lot with then, I tend to break headphones fairly often. I have also tried the HDE90 headphones HDE (High Definition Electronics) HDE90 Pro Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Headset Speakers and they seem to be exactly the same as the LGs in every way, except that they are offered at a much better price. Both are equally good, but the HDE brand are much cheaper and will give you your money back if you are not happy with them for any reason.
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平均4.0 星 Gotta have these because who puts a phone to their ear anymore? 2014年12月5日
评论者 Dre876 - 已在美国亚马逊上发表
尺寸: ..Old Bluetooth 3.0颜色: 银色 已确认购买
Loving it so Far (Will update as I continue using them)

I bought this when my Plantronics Backbeat Go 2 which I absolutely adored, broke after a strong breeze blew them from round my neck and a truck ran over them..

1. Can last the week on 1 charge. I can't finish the batteries in 1 day no matter how hard I try.
2. Fits securely to the neck without being uncomfortable or feeling like a noose.
3. Love the jog dials instead on buttons for skipping tracks or adjusting volume.
4. Love that it vibrates for calls.
5. Love the features like skipping through contacts, reading time and notifications made possible by the tone and talk app.
6. The retractable ear buds is a really cool feature.
7. sound is decent
8. Other people report that people you call can't hear you. I wear these below collars on dress shirts and my calls are clear. These are far better than any bluetooth headset I've ever used. I have no issues hearing calls or being heard.

1. Price
2. Would have preferred more color options
3. In the back of my mind i worry about the thin ear bud cords breaking or snapping when tangled with buttons, pens or id badges. I would have liked them being a bit more rugged.
4. Ear bud tips provided don't really fit my ears

Bottom line: yeah they're pricey but i really dig them and hope the thin cords will last.
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平均1.0 星 Fake Product sent to me! 2015年9月28日
评论者 wwjd1004 - 已在美国亚马逊上发表
尺寸: ..Old Bluetooth 3.0颜色: 银色 已确认购买
The inital set of headphone stopped working a couple of days. The call quality was bad and had an unacceptable amount of static. So, I figured that the headphones needed charging. After charging them for 5 hours, they wouldn't power on. I returned them to amazon and got a replacement set. The replacement set came in a flimsy black package with smudges. The headphones seemed lighter than the originals, the impressions weren't as detailed and the top of the headphone looked to have smudges and wasn't as clean and smooth as the genuine product.. Also, the serial number was missing from the headphones as well. It seems like I was sent a fake product. I went to the brick and mortar store and bought a genuine pair to make a comparison. Also, the wording doesn't match up between the fakes ones and the real ones. The real product box is white and has the words "Box includes", the fake on has "packing included", the real one has a standby time listed in days, while the fake has it listed in hours. Also, the listed Bluetooth versions are different; the real one includes commas between the support Bluetooth types, while the fake one has a mixture of periods and commas. Lastly, the stamped impressions on the fake on aren't as deep and detailed as the genuine product. I've attached the pictures. This was very disappointing. Another reviewer had this same issue as well.
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平均3.0 星 I Preferred The Older Tones 750 Pro 2014年12月2日
评论者 Casch - 已在美国亚马逊上发表
尺寸: ..Old Bluetooth 3.0颜色: 银色
At the price you would think there shouldn't be anything to complain about. Don't get me wrong, they sound great. Like all In-Ears they require a seal in your ear canal and when you have that seal the sound is rich and vibrant.
The Tones 900s arrived fast and were packed well. After un-boxing I charged the unit. They charged quickly and I paired them up to my phone which was a breeze. Played a little music and they sounded great. Tried a few phone calls and honestly the people I talked to sounded good and they couldn't tell the sound from my phone's headset. Battery life is good at about 6-8 hours of listening.
So what is to gripe about?
The earpiece wire is hair thin and they retract with a bit of force putting stress on the wire. I haven't had any problems (about 3 weeks) but they don't breed confidence.
Buttons are few and most serve more than one function. While the main features are readily available some (like EQ) require multiple button presses and get forgotten easily. I would have preferred at least one extra button for functions. (there are two for the wire re-tractors to confuse you). Keep your quick start.
Lastly they are made of a hard plastic that is somewhat flexible. The older Tones have a large much more flexible wire between the end pieces and are more comfortable. They don't come off in a workout or jog so that is a good thing. Also, the cover over the charge (micro usb) port broke off after 3 weeks. Useable but now open to water/sweat getting in.
Are these deal breakers? NO, but at $150 I would expect more. The older Tones have great sound too and are much more comfortable as well as they don't look so much like some sort of dog shocker collar.

Probably time for an update. I've had these headphones now four months. I have replaced the silicone earpieces with custom molded ones. Not that I had to but they are worlds more comfortable. No issue with the very thin wires and even though they "snap" into the housing the wire has held up. They still sound great maybe even better now that the molded earpieces achieve a seal better than the original. At least in my ears.
So all in all I would like to add a 1/2 star (not possible). I can't give it 5 stars because of the broken port cover.

Last update: Its been a year now and it works fine. I've gotten used to the "Dog Collar" and those thread fine wires haven't broken yet and I have "snapped" them in many times. Other than the USB door cover breaking off it is very solid.

Last last update: 14 months. Two months after the warranty is over the left side died. It isn't the electronics but that hair thin wire. No it didn't snap off but inside the earpiece the connection began to be intermittent ( I could wiggle it and it would work) then quit entirely. So even though it lasted over a year it was as all of us suspected the weak spot. Too bad, they did sound good. I have deducted a star.