Gentle Bees Beeswax Block for Candle Making, 1 lb

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  • Ingredient used in candle making
  • Made by honey bees in Texas
  • Ingredient for lip balms


This beeswax is 100% pure, smells like honey, and produced by honeybees in Texas. The production of beeswax is essential to the bee colony. It is used to construct the combs in which the bees raise their brood and into which they keep pollen and surplus honey for the winter. Worker bees, which live only around 35 days in the summer, develop special wax-producing glands on their abdomens (inner sides of the sternites of abdominal segments 4 to 7) and are most efficient at wax production during the 10th through the 16th days of their lives. From about day 18 until the end of its life, a bee's wax glands steadily decline. Bees consume honey (6-8 pounds of honey are consumed to produce a pound of wax) causing the special wax-producing glands to covert the sugar into wax which is extruded through small pores. The wax appears as small flakes on the bees' abdomen. At this point the flakes are essentially transparent and only become white after being chewed. It is in the mastication process that salivary secretions are added to the wax to help soften it. This also accounts for its change in color. The exact process of how a bee transfers the wax scales from its abdomen to its mandibles was a mystery for years. It's now understood to be processed in either of two ways. Most of the activities in the hive are cooperative so it should be no surprise that other worker bees are willing to remove the wax scales from their neighbors and then chew them. The other method is for the same bee extruding the wax to process her own wax scales. This is done using one hind leg to move a wax scale to the first pair of legs (forelegs). A foreleg then makes the final transfer to the mandibles where it is masticated, and then applied to the comb being constructed or repaired. Beeswax becomes soft and very pliable if the temperature is too high (beeswax melts around 149 degrees Fahrenheit). Likewise, it becomes brittle and difficult to manage if the temperature is too low. However, honeybees maintain their hive at a temperature of around 95 degrees Fahrenheit, which is perfect for the manipulation of beeswax. A honeycomb constructed from beeswax is a triumph of engineering. It consists of hexagon shaped cylinders (six-sided) that fit naturally side-by-side. It has been proven that making the cells into hexagons is the most efficient shape for using the smallest possible amount of wax to contain the highest volume of honey. It has also been shown to be one of the strongest possible shapes while using the least amount of material.

Beeswax and Versatility

Beeswax uses: 1) Lubricant for old furniture joints 2) Smooth movement for doors and windows. 3) Component for mustache creams. 4) Prevents bronze items from tarnishing. 5) Use as a rust prevention. 6) Furniture polish when mixed with linseed oil and mineral spirits in equal parts. 7) Covering cheeses and preservatives to protect from spoilage. 8) Conditioner for wood bowls and cutting boards. 9) Coat nails and screws to prevent wood from splintering. 10) Used by NASA with an enzyme to mop up oceanic oil spills. 11) Cake guitar bodies to boost longevity. 12) Coat tambourine surfaces for thumb roll playing technique. 13) Coat reeds for woodwinds to get a tight fit. 14) Egg painting in a Ukraine folk art of Pysanky. 15) An essential ingredient in Indian art of fabric dyeing called Batik printing. 16) Candles that dont drip and have no smoke. 17) In candy like gummy bears, worms and jelly beans. 18) To water proof leather. 19) Molten beeswax to polish granit counter tops. 20) To make crayons. 21) With palm oil for soap. The palm oil reduces scars and the wax a natural moisturizer. 22) Mix with palm wax for a natural hair remover. 23) To reduce bow string friction. 24) on whips to water proof. 25) in bullets. 26) With comfery and chick weed powder to alleviate itching.

Designed for many uses

27) Wire pulling. 28) Sewing to strengthen the thread and prevent snagging. 29) To fill seams between pieces of slate when setting up a pool table. 29) Plucking the feathers from fowl. 30) As a flexible mold for a variety of mediums. 31) Jewelry. 32) Clean your clothes Iron. 33) In glass Etching. 34) Encausting Painting. 35) To make earplugs. 36) Ear Candling. 37) When fashioning Dreadlocks. 38) To make Dental floss. 39) For cracked animal hooves. 40) When making cosmetics. 41) When making chocolates. 42) Copper sinks. 43) Removing previous waxes. 44) In Blacksmithing

Beeswax Candles and longevity

Many use beeswax for candle making since it lasts 3 times longer and naturally has a sweet hint smell of honey

Beeswax for lip balms

Gentle Bees pure beeswax is raw and pure. It is used as a base ingredients in lip balms. The beeswax make it water proof and a stabilizer.

For a waterproofing conditioner butcher blocks

Gentle Bees beeswax can be used in manufacturing to create a conditioner for butcher blocks, wood furniture, and many other wood items. It will create a waterproof barrier.

Save the Honey Bees and Save Our Food Supply

At Frohne - the creator of Gentle Bees, we support the honey bees and donate a percentage of sales to help the preservation and protection of the feral honey bee by rescuing and relocating endangered hives, and by educating the public about the bees’ value, and our partnership with nature. Many of the country’s crops would not exist without the honey bee at bloom time. Crop yield and quality would significantly abate without honey bee pollination. In 1999, Cornell University study documented that the contribution made by managed honey bees hired by U.S. crop growers to pollinate crops amounted to just over $14.6 billion. Each year American farmers and growers continue to feed more people using less land. They produce an abundance of food that is nutritious and safe. Honey bees are very much a part of this modern agricultural success story. It’s estimated that there are about 2.4 million colonies in the U.S. today, two-thirds of which travel the country each year pollinating crops and producing honey and beeswax.

About the Startup

Describe your product in 3 words.

Pure. Natural. Versatile

How did you come up with the idea for this product?

Before I started the brand of Gentle bees, I was only searching a natural ingredient, which can withstand the hot temperatures to make a lip balm. Pure beeswax has hint smell of honey and melts at approximately 150 degrees Fahrenheit or 65.5 Celsius.

What makes your product special?

Our Gentle Bees product is special because it's natural and has more than 90 uses. It's useful for lip balm making, candle making, water proofing, egg art, craft projects, painting, cosmetics, and many more manufacturing designs.

What has been the best part of your startup experience?

The best part of my startup experience is the marketing and customer service Amazon provides. I'm known to make fresh, unique, and useful products, albeit, I'm not great in advertising. Amazon has alleviated this situation and helped us create brand awareness. We are not selling globally and helping save the honey bees.


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