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The Plan: Eliminate the Surprising 'Healthy' Foods that are Making You Fat - and Lose Weight Fast (英语) 平装 – 2013年12月26日

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平装, 2013年12月26日

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  • 出版社: Orion (2013年12月26日)
  • 平装: 320页
  • 语种: 英语
  • ISBN: 1409148416
  • 条形码: 9781409148418
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  • ASIN: 1409148416
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The woman who cracked the chemical code ... I was so interested in this approach because so many folks out there are doing all the right things but still gaining weight ... I'll tell you, this makes a lot of sense! (Dr Oz Www.doctoroz.com)

THE PLAN is not a diet. It is a way of changing how you eat - for life. And that is why it works. And as promised, I didn't have to give up baking: I still eat sweets! (Lesley Jane Seymour More)

Even during the 3-day cleanse, THE PLAN includes plenty of food, so hunger won't be an issue. (lifeScript.com)

Surprisingly 'Healthy' foods that are making you fat! A 20-day programme to help you recognise the 'reactive' foods that cause weight gain and the 'friendly' foods that can help you keep the weight off. (THE CORBY EVENING TELEGRAPH)

The woman who cracked the chemical code ... I was so interested in this approach because so many folks out there are doing all the right things but still gaining weight ... I'll tell you, this makes a lot of sense! (Dr Oz www.doctoroz.com)

Even during the 3-day cleanse, THE PLAN includes plenty of food, so hunger won't be an issue. (LifeScript.com)


Lyn-Genet Recitas has been studying holistic medicine for over 30 years. She started her practice working with immune response and hormonal balance 20 years ago on the West Coast and has been running health centres for the past ten years in New York and Westchester. Lyn-Genet is Director of Nutrition of Neighborhood Holistic, a non-profit holistic health centre she opened in Central Harlem in 2007. Lyn-Genet and her team at The Plan have helped thousands of women and men to be healthier.


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平均5.0 星 Great for people who have tried everything and nothing works 2015年3月4日
评论者 Amazon Customer - 已在美国亚马逊上发表
版本: 精装 已确认购买
This review is written for all the 40+ women out there who have struggled and struggled to lose weight on any diet. I am one of those women. I am 48, work out 10 hours a week, eat 1200 calories a day, and am 20-30 pounds overweight and no matter what I did, could not budge the scale. I used to work out 5 hours a week and decided to double it thinking that the extra workouts would "beat" the weight off of me. So, I upped my workouts and......NOTHING! I had three kids in 5 years - the last when I was 42. I was able to get the weight off with the first two, but what worked with the first didn't work with the second and nothing worked with the third. I had had previous success on weightwatchers, so I tried that again, but given that I'm a vegan and the points system now doesn't count any of the fruits and vegetables you eat, well, that's a problem since that's where all my calories are coming from. I tried a high protein/low carb diet, which had limited success, but vegan sources of protein tend to be carby and although I'd only be eating about 1,200 calories a day, I'd struggle to even take off 1/4 of a pound a week! My 6'6", 185-pound husband, who eats whatever he wants, whenever he wants says, "it's calories in/calories out". Clearly, if that's the case, then this is new math that I don't understand. I would get down in the dumps because I felt like I'd never get rid of the extra weight, but was at a complete loss for knowing what to do to get it off. I was ready to give up, but I couldn't give up. Carrying extra weight around for many years is unhealthy.

A friend of mine, who is also in my age group, recommended this book. I'd never heard of it before, but went out to Amazon to read the premise and the reviews. The reviews seemed like they were all written by people like me. I read on and saw that she provided options for tailoring The Plan to vegans and vegetarians, so I decided "what the hell" and bought the book. I spent the first week reading the book and looking through the recipes. There's a fair amount of prep work that needs to be done to get your food ready for the first week. That said, the recipes are all super simple to make. They're not gourmet, but they're palatable. I read the book's Plan for the first week and then pulled down the vegetarian and vegan menus off her website and kind of put together a hybrid plan for the week.

I've been on The Plan for a week now and have lost.........wait for it..........9 pounds!!! How is that even possible? I don't know and I'm not asking - who cares? And even though I'm only one week into this and still have a fair number of days left to go, I don't even really care what happens from here on out because I'm down 9 pounds! The Plan makes perfect sense to me and is the first time I've ever come across a diet plan that is tailored to your body. I did another "medically supervised" diet plan where you were eating 1,200 calories a day and were supposed to take off 2-3 pounds a week. When I struggled to take off 1/2 a pound a week, I asked them why and they couldn't answer me. If it's a simple calories in/calories out equation, then anyone who was dedicated could lose weight. For some of us, our bodies attack the food we put in it and that has to be remedied. Her premise is such an interesting concept and explains so much about those folks who we all know who seem to eat whatever they want and stay as skinny as a rail. Most of us chalk it up to a faster metabolism, but how could someone's metabolism be really that much faster than another person's? The way I interpret The Plan is that it's a personalized eating plan that tailors foods to your body chemistry so that we all can eat "whatever we want" and stay slim and fit. We all have the same metabolism, but those people who stay slim eating everything have a much more efficient metabolism because there aren't any foods that hang up in their system. For the rest of us, it's a scientific puzzle to figure out what works for us and what doesn't. I also think she's really on to something with the whole aging process and our systems becoming sensitized to certain foods that once gave us no trouble when we were younger.

I am a huge believer in this book and plan. I have turned three other people on to it and they're now doing it as well. Given that it's the only thing that has worked for me, if you're in the same boat and find you can't budge the scale no matter what you do, it's at least worth a try. I feel great, my arthritis has lessened, and I'm eating avocados for the first time in a couple of decades! Give it a try.
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平均4.0 星 Very accurate, a bit hard to implement 2015年10月4日
评论者 JFM - 已在美国亚马逊上发表
版本: Kindle电子书 已确认购买
I am a doctor and am pretty well connected in my local medical community. The best endocrinologists and gastroenterologists have been unable to explain why I get rapid weight gain and severe constipation in spurts. I figured out that black beans, oatmeal, and a few other foods seemed to be associated with these episodes, but no one (including me) could really explain it. When I looked at the list of 85% reactive foods, I laughed because I eat them a lot and have eliminated a few because I feel so terrible when I eat them. I have only been following her plan for a week and have not lost weight, but I am literally eating about 800-1000 more calories a day and not gaining. I also stopped exercising temporarily per her protocol, so it's pretty impressive to me. For anyone else who often feels worse, not better, after eating, give this book a look. The 4 stars is because I cannot possibly follow the recommendations working 80 hours a week, and I don't even have kids. You'd have to have a fair bit of free time to pull it off 100%
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平均1.0 星 Not for those with adrenal or digestive issues 2014年8月6日
评论者 angiek - 已在美国亚马逊上发表
版本: Kindle电子书 已确认购买
I honestly have to say that I liked the idea of this diet when I read the book, but I felt terrible every day that I was on it. I never got used to the flax granola and I had enormous amounts of digestive discomfort from it, and there was really no other low reactive breakfast suggestion that wasn't either rice or gluten, both of which have little nutritional punch as a breakfast item. I already know that I am gluten intollerant, but to just throw rice in as a substitute is lazy in my opinion. I have an immune deficiency which causes me to throw false negatives on food allergy tests, so I realy like the idea of reintroducing foods the way that Lyn suggests. With that said, many people with true food allergies and auto-immune conditions are probably also dealing with atleast a low grade level of adrenal stress. The Plan is really the exact opposite of the type of diet necessary to support adrenal health. Overconsuming water, too little sodium and low amounts of animal protein...especially at breakfast which is the absolute most important meal of the day to consume protein. I did not like that coffee, wine and chocolate are just thrown back in. Many people, including myself, are intollerant to all 3 of these items and they are light heartedly tossed back in to the diet all on the same day.

I had high hopes for this plan, but I do not think it is balanced. I literally would eat breakfast and then have to lay down and sleep within an hour, I was exhausted all day and actually gained weight on this diet...all while eating the low reactive foods. The meal planning for this diet was obsurd and the food was nasty tasting. I am a certified holistic nutritionist myself and I already only eat a whole unprocessed food dirt, so it wasn't like my palate was just used to sugar and salt and fast food garbage...even at that, I just could not adjust to the food. I tried the diet to rule out any other, less obvious allergies that I might have, but I gained weight with all of it, even the cleanse, so I really couldn't guage my reactions acurately.

This plan has obviously worked for many, but it is not for everyone. If you start this plan and feel worse, do not brush it off as all part of the plan, it just may not be right for you for underlying reasons.
54/60 人认为此评论有用
平均5.0 星 Life changing... 2015年6月30日
评论者 vettechick99 - 已在美国亚马逊上发表
版本: 平装 已确认购买
I've written this review in my head 100 times, but I always worried it wouldn't come out as transformative as I wanted it to be. This book, for good and for bad, changed my life. For good: I now pay attention to what I eat, I know what is bad for me, and I have taken control of my health. The bad: I now pay attention to what I eat, I know what is bad for me, and I have NO EXCUSES to not take control of my health. This is a tough place to be because now I can't float through life eating cheese, ice cream, and pizza every meal.

For years I had digestive issues. At 20 years old, I experienced my first gall bladder attack, though it took another 10 years to get the disease diagnosed and treated. I always had a very sensitive stomach, and anyone who has one knows what that feels like. Three years after I had my second child, I had about 10 lbs that wouldn't go away. This weight was all in my belly and more than one person asked me if I was pregnant. Now, I'm not an overeater and I'm on the slender side, so it wasn't a calorie issue. When I gained weight in wasn't all over, it was almost exclusively in my belly. So I would make healthier choices (low-fat cheeses, whole grain breads, egg whites) and mystifyingly my stomach bloated bigger. I would feel yucky, I would have stomach problems. I'm cutting out junk food so why is this happening? Why do I feel worse?

I was chatting with a friend who also has serious digestive issues like me and she mentioned Lyn-Genet's book. I instantly knew it was the book for me. I downloaded it on the Kindle (if I could do it over, I would get the hard copy so you can thumb through it easily) and she and I went though the process together.

THIS IS NOT A DIET. This plan allows you to test foods to see if you are intolerant to them. Intolerance simply means your body can't digest them well and reacts with inflammation. You will not cut calories. You will not exercise. You will eat only the foods on her menu, adding new ones in slowly, and checking weight to see if you react with inflammation. You begin with a detox and then you will start adding a new food back in every few days. Depending on your current health status, the detox can be really rough. My first day was awful and I felt like I was recovering from a sickness - lethargic, headache, etc. The second and third days were better, but I had serious brain fog. You are experiencing die-off and it's completely normal. Feeling bad means it's working! And by day four, whoa. WHOA. The detox was over and I experienced the greatest high in my life. I had amazing energy, a fantastic mood, and felt great. Day four showed me that what I put into my body affects ME greatly. I can no longer deny that I am what I eat.

During my elimination diet, I found out that I reacted to dairy, gluten, blueberry, egg, and cranberry. My reactions were two-fold: 1. I felt bad after eating them, either immediately by feeling nauseated or sluggish or later with digestive issues (sometimes a few hours, sometimes 2 days later); 2. the next day I gained weight on the scale (she will explain why daily weigh-ins are important and it's not vanity). A few months later, I had food testing done and what do you know, I am severely intolerant to casein in dairy and egg whites. Gluten, blueberry, cranberry, plus various other food items to a lesser extent. I guess I could have saved the testing money because my elimination diet from The Plan told me as much, but it goes to show you that the research behind this book is solid.

I don't know if everyone will be affected like I was. My sister went though it and didn't experience the post-detox high. Maybe my issues are far more severe than hers. Either way, everyone that was on The Plan lost weight. My belly is flat again. My friends lost at least 10 lbs each in 21 days. The weight loss is nice (your weight will plateau at where your body wants you to be) but feeling better is the reward. Low inflammation is the reward. A clear head is the reward.

I initially did The Plan in the Summer or 2013. Since then I have fallen off the wagon several times, detoxed several times, and felt varying levels of highs and lows, but since I always stay away from my trigger foods so I haven't gained my no-baby belly again. I now see a ND who has me on a low-inflammation diet and a handful of supplements, including a high-quality probiotic. Like any lifestyle change, The Plan takes work and dedication. But I can promise you that if you stick with it, even for just a few days, your life will be changed as well.