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Tony Northrup's Photography Buying Guide: How to Choose a Camera, Lens, Tripod, Flash, & More (英语) 平装 – 2013年11月15日

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  • 出版社: Mason Press, Incorporated (2013年11月15日)
  • 平装: 230页
  • 语种: 英语
  • ISBN: 0988263424
  • 条形码: 9780988263420
  • 商品尺寸: 20.3 x 2.2 x 25.4 cm
  • 商品重量: 463 g
  • ASIN: 0988263424
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Award-winning author and photographer Tony Northrup (MCITP, MCPD, MCSE, MCTS, CISSP) has published more than 30 books covering technology and photography. Among other titles, Tony is author of Stunning Digital Photography and Windows 8.1 Inside Out. Tony lives in Waterford, CT with his wife and daughter. You can learn more about Tony by liking his Facebook photography page at http: //www.facebook.com/NorthrupPhotography, following him on Twitter (@TonyNorthrup), viewing his photography portfolio at www.northrupphotography.com, or emailing him at tony@northrup.org.


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平均5.0 星 Everyone has opinions... Theirs are great 2013年10月29日
评论者 Emir - 已在美国亚马逊上发表
版本: Kindle电子书 已确认购买
When you have a specific question about something in photography (or anything else for that matter) everyone will always have an opinion. Great example are online forums where everyone will have their own opinion on something.

With this book (I have the kindle version) you will get Tony's and Chelsea's professional (true and tried) opinion on just about any equipment you will need. The guide is very honest, doesn't pick a side (Canon or Nikon) and even recommend some third party companies because they are the best bang for your buck. They give suggestions for people just starting out with a very small budget all the way to the pros with $$$ to spend.

What I personally like about this book is the fact that it's almost like a FAQ book where two professionals that make a living from photography answer all the questions you might have about every type equipment you can imagine for this field. Great reference book when you are ready to buy a flash. or upgrade your monitor, or go to a full size camera, or a new lens, or tripod... you get the point I think.

You also become part of a very unique community where Chelsea and Tony both will answer your questions if you happen to have any. It's almost like joining a very big family.

I highly recommend ALL their books to people just getting into photography to pros looking to get new gear.

Just see for yourself about the book. Take a look inside since you can do that on amazon. You will love the rest of the book.

Let me also add the book is VERY easy to read. it's not 'dumbed' down, but just everything is explained really well which won't confuse a novice photographer.
36/39 人认为此评论有用
平均4.0 星 My Re-Review Of the book and Increased Star Rating 2015年1月4日
评论者 DENNIS L EKMAN - 已在美国亚马逊上发表
版本: Kindle电子书 已确认购买
I had previously given this Book a 1 star rating because I was very disappointed in its usefulness in purchasing a tripod gimbal head. If you value the user reviews as much as I do then I must apologize to you as well as the author for my initial review. It was much to harsh. I am now increasing my review rating from one to four stars. That's a giant change from my previous review.I explain that by saying that I was really premature in judging the book by a very small segment of the books content. After the fact and a comment by the author, I did a further examination of books content. I soon realized that I had made a huge error in judgement which is a big disservice to all. The book contains a much better guide to purchasing and includes many valuable buying tips than I had realized when I wrote that initial review. Had I taken the time to look further into it's contents before I gave it such a low rating my review would have definitely given it a much better star rating. I won't give it a 5 star rating as there are areas of the book that I feel wont be of much value for those that might be looking for purchasing guidance on some items. However those items ares a very small part of the whole book.
1/1 人认为此评论有用
平均5.0 星 Great book if you are in the market for a ... 2016年6月28日
评论者 Noinod5 - 已在美国亚马逊上发表
版本: Kindle电子书 已确认购买
Great book if you are in the market for a camera or new gear. Great advice and easy to understand pros/cons/reviews of many cameras/accessories/lenses on the market. He tells you the best options for your budget and photography type and let's you know when it makes sense to go with a less expensive brand for some items. I found this really helpful as I chose my new camera, flash, and lenses. I will go back to it every time I consider buying something new. I love Tony and Chelsea... They explain things in a way that is easy to understand. You can't go wrong with their books. (My next purchase is Chelsea's Lightroom book... Time to learn how to do post-processing.)
平均5.0 星 Read this before buying any photography gear! 2015年7月7日
评论者 Sergio - 已在美国亚马逊上发表
版本: Kindle电子书 已确认购买
As with Tony's other books (Stunning Digital Photography and Lightroom 6/CC), this is a quality reference guide. The book makes some great recommendations on what gear to buy, how to buy it, and what price range to expect. It can easily save you hundreds of dollars. I was going to buy a flash unit that was 8x more expensive than the one I actually bought because of the recommendation this book made.

The book covers camera bodies, lenses, tripods, flash units, and more! It makes recommendations for newbies, amateurs, and professionals with budgets of all kinds.

I especially recommend this book to anyone looking to start digital photography.
平均5.0 星 If you like the videos, you will enjoy the book 2016年3月31日
评论者 Charles T. Ferling - 已在美国亚马逊上发表
版本: Kindle电子书 已确认购买
Tony Northop's Photography Buying Guide provides complete and concise information and recommendation for photographers; from the complete novice to the aspiring professional.

Written in the same style as Tony's videos, this book reads like he is sitting in the room with you and a few friends having a casual chat. He provides a fair and seemingly unbiased approach with plenty of great insight into the inevitable "Canon versus Nikon" debate, as well as every other major manufacturer's products. And for those with a long standing brand loyalty, like me, Tony provides chapters dedicated to each manufacturer's product line.

It doesn't end there. The Guide covers everything you might need; filters, extension tubes, computers, and remote releases are all in there.

In the Kindle version, hyperlinks below each QR code for the hours and hours of video worked seamlessly. Tony provides extensive hyperlinks throughout the text to both Amazon's offers on certain products, and to the manufacturer's site or other retailers for additional product information. I do not know about other readers, but my Amazon wishlist just grew significantly.

Let me give you just one example. The Manfroto carbon tripod Manfrotto MK293C4-A0RC2 4 Section Carbon Tripod Kit with Quick Release Ball Head (Black)_item just replaced the more expensive Gitzo on my got-to-have list. What sold me? Tony's Guide and video that demonstrated the horizontal center post feature that just does not stand out in other on-line descriptions.

If I have to fault anything about the Kindle version of Tony's Guide, it might be that the illustrations occasionally obscure a little of the text when viewed on my Fire. The work round is simple - rotate from portrait to landscape, or the other way round and voila. If this creates a problem, why not buy both a print and digital copy? It might be worth a little more to have ready access to Tony's Guide any time you are considering your next photographic equipment from a lens filter to a top of the line system.