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Games of Strategy (Third Edition) (英语) 精装 – 2009年3月23日

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Games of Strategy (Fourth Edition)

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  • 出版社: W. W. Norton & Company; Third Edition (2009年3月23日)
  • 精装: 794页
  • 语种: 英语
  • ISBN: 0393931129
  • 条形码: 9780393931129
  • 商品尺寸: 18.8 x 3.6 x 26.2 cm
  • 商品重量: 1.4 Kg
  • ASIN: 0393931129
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Avinash Dixit is Emeritus John J.F. Sherrerd University Professor of Economics at Princeton University, where he offered his popular freshman course in game theory. He is among the world’s leading economists, having made fundamental contributions in several major fields as well as in game theory. He is the author of many books, including Dixit/Nalebuff: Thinking Strategically (Norton, 1991), Dixit/Pindyck: Investment Under Uncertainty (Princeton University Press, 1994), and Dixit/Nalebuff: The Art of Strategy (Norton, 2009).

David Reiley is a research scientist at Google. He previously taught at Vanderbilt, Northwestern, and the University of Arizona. He is well known for his use of field experiments in economic research.

Susan Skeath is Professor of Economics at Wellesley College, where she teaches a number of courses in microeconomics and a course in game theory, which she introduced into the school’s curriculum. She conducts research in international trade theory, and is currently working on a new Intermediate Microeconomics text with her colleague Ann Velenchik. Professor Skeath earned her doctorate at Princeton University.



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美国亚马逊: 15 条评论
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Very Well Written for its Intended Audience 2010年1月28日
评论者 John Matlock - 已在美国亚马逊上发表
版本: 精装
Now in its third edition, this book has become one of the standards used for a general introduction to game theory at the beginning college level. In this edition the authors (with the addition of David Reiley) have maintained their philosophy of using situations commonly understood by college students (dating, taking tests, historical situations) to illustrate the commonly understood games.

Virtually each chapter has been changed at least minimally, and some chapters have seen extensive changes that reflect more recent changes in game theory. One such area of major change is the treatment of information in games and its subtopic mechanism design. This area was a subject of research for which the 2007 Nobel Prize in Economics was awarded. These changes have required major rewriting of several chapters and the creation of a new chapter.

Consistent with the earlier editions, this book is very well written in a manor that the beginning college student can appreciate and the mathematical content is very low as is fitting for an introductory book.
5/5 人认为此评论有用
A good introduction to game-theory 2009年9月25日
评论者 Amazon Customer - 已在美国亚马逊上发表
版本: 精装 已确认购买
As a non-mathematical graduate student who still needs an appreciation of game-theory I found this book to be highly enlightening. The concepts and framework of the field is explained verbally, which is preferable for those that require an appreciation for, rather than a complete understanding of, game theory. A number of applications for game theory are also discussed that serve to demonstrate the broad applicability of the field.

Overall, I would suggest that this book is a suitable alternative for an
introductory course in game theory. I therefore recommend it to those who need to use or appreciate game theory without needing to have a thorough grasp of the mathematics. Alternatively, it would also make a good introductory text for those just starting out. However, while this book may be preferable to those who are not game-theorists by trade or those who are just beginning their study, it may be too broad and unsuitable for those who require a deeper understanding.
6/8 人认为此评论有用
Confusing for Any Student Regardless of Level 2009年12月15日
评论者 AJ - 已在美国亚马逊上发表
版本: 精装
I am a doctoral candidate in economics and I gained exposure to this book while trying to help an undergraduate friend with her game theory course taught by one of the authors. From what I read, the body of the textbook is satisfactory, despite poorly formatted equations and numerical examples.

The failing of this textbook is however in the unnecessarily convoluted and poorly worded examples and exercises. The discipline is challenging enough as is and it is only made worse when it is so difficult to comprehend what the exercises are asking you to answer. This sounds rather harsh, but it's extremely frustrating to not be able use this textbook to demonstrate the material when I already have a solid understanding of it. I would have simply used another textbook, but as I mentioned the student was being taught by one of the authors.

An unsatisfactory effort from a very good economist in Dixit. I would recommend the Rasmusen text instead for an introductory game theory class.
1/1 人认为此评论有用
Very Simple Game Theory text 2013年5月30日
评论者 Andgrrea - 已在美国亚马逊上发表
版本: 精装 已确认购买
simple, clear game theory text; not a lot with respect to micro foundations; no mathematical proofs, but you don't necessarily need them to understand the concepts..
1/2 人认为此评论有用
Tremendous, Comprehensive, but Chess Neglected 2014年4月26日
评论者 Danny Kopec - 已在美国亚马逊上发表
版本: 精装
This is a tremendous book for the person interested in the subject of game theory. It covers many interesting topics and should
be very accessible to students. The subject/title of the book is misleading, however, since otherwise how could the authors neglect one of the oldest "Games of Strategy" that has been played and studied by mankind for more than one thousand years -- yes CHESS!?

There are more books written about chess than all games put together. (This may be challenged by the explosion of interest in poker -- which also must be deemed a game of strategy and is also somewhat neglected by the book). There are literally thousands of people in the world today, and in the past who have dedicated their lives to the study of chess. And it is true that the notion of chess and its premier status is regularly exploited by sports clubs (baseball, football, etc.) even though most of them
have never moved a piece or don't play the game.

It is also true that in the classic leading book on the theory of games, "The Theory of Games and Economics" by the great John von Neumann and Oscar Morgenstein, chess is also neglected. We can excuse them because it is the classic work on the subject, very mathematical, and with plenty of material without chess. The same is true for Stephen Brams ' "Theory of Moves" which is a wonderful treatise on Prisoner's Dilemma type situations, but does not cover much chess.

However, with the title "Games of Strategy" the authors have done a great injustice to chess. The reason is probably because none of the three authors knows much about chess. As an international chess master and professor of computer science, I am naturally offended by the typical "lip" service of three pages which are dedicated to chess. The depth of strategy which top human payers develop in choosing a move is probably beyond the comprehension of most people who are not deeply into the game of chess.
I won't even go into the distinction between "Stategy" and "Tactics" in chess which I address in my books and videos on chess.

They authors should have sought the help of a chess master, international chess master, or grandmaster to help them better understand the kinds of strategical decisions which are regularly made in chess play. They may have discovered relationships to other games of strategy which they discuss. There are plenty of chess players at these levels who could have used their employ.

That said, the book could be of interest and use to many students interested in problem solving, Artificial Intelligence, political science, mathematics, and economics -- but not chess.


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